Madras day

A big city alongside the bay of Bengal named Chennai which smells like Filter Kaapi in the morning and beach Sundal in the evening welcomes a teenager with high expectations but mixed emotions. She didn’t like it at all. She didn’t fit in, she thought. But four years later, She names her blog – MADE … More Madras day

National Handloom day

I grew up in a country away from the beautiful Indian culture, the way of living, the art of dressing and the joy of eating. Very recently, I came across different Indian fabrics, techniques and I started studying it religiously. Handloom was something that stuck to my head. As you know, no other country can … More National Handloom day

3 Important Things to Consider While Renovating Your Home | Style at Home

Renovating can be extremely rewarding – adding value to both your property, lifestyle and providing a great sense of satisfaction and achievement in the process. No matter the size of your house, there are a number of factors you need to consider before beginning work. You need to look to the changes that will make … More 3 Important Things to Consider While Renovating Your Home | Style at Home

No more ‘Paneer samaj ke Kha Ja’

Chennai is a city that welcomes vegetarians with open arms. It caters to both the hardcore meat lovers and the calm herbivores BUT NOT under one roof. That’s where Phoenix Market city, velacherry, Chennai stands out. It not only has stand alone pure vegetarian restaurants but also has multi cuisine restaurants serving delicious vegetarian dishes … More No more ‘Paneer samaj ke Kha Ja’