Hello World

Hi Everyone!

I am Subhiksha, an aberrant engineering student. I am “MADE IN CHENNAI” (waddup, blog reference! ) and spent first 9 years of my life in Chennai. Out of the blue, my family and I shifted to the extravagant U.A.E. I spent around a decade there and now i am back to my hometown for college.

I have always wanted to create a blog but I was honestly scared and thus avoided speaking about it to anyone. Scared? but why? I was that girl who worried a lot about what others thought of my work more than what I thought of my work. What if i am bad at writing? What if i ain’t creative enough? But here I am, writing my first post ever.

I am extremely crazy,quirky and like to appreciate things around me. Did i mention that i love colours? Fashion and Food are my two favorite F words . So this venture of mine would be a dedication to all things fun- Food,Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle and more…. I would one day be extremely satisfied if i would have inspired someone to follow their dream and hopefully my blog acts as a catalyst for the same.

That’s all for now Folks! Meet you soon with my ‘Actual’ post.

stay blessed




My soundcloud : subhiksha sound cloud

My Instagram : subhikshavenkat

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