Restore your health with re:store

How many of you made a New years resolution four months back? *raises hands*. How many of you are still following it? *Pin drop silence*. Since we are all sailing in the same boat, I decided to introduce this concept called,’New Month Resolution’. You make a resolution and follow it at least for ONE MONTH. Doesn’t sound like an arduous task right?

So….April is here which means a new resolution to break..i mean follow!. Why don’t we start this month by eating healthy?

I came across this brand called re:store which predominantly concentrates on delivering freshly made Salads and home-made cakes straight to our house/workplace. Mrs. Nandi, the mastermind behind this store explained the objective of re:store. She said that her main motive is to deliver nutritious, FULL meal to the customers. With the right amount of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients, even a single bowl of salad could make a FULL MEAL.

I was invited by their team to taste three of their best salads and two of their delicious cakes and here is my view on them.

1. Thinai Salad ( Rs.250/-)

A Fox tail millet (Thinai) salad consisting of juicy pomegranate,almonds and corianders  and hella lot of lemon juice . If you like TANGY FLAVOURS,GO FOR THIS ONE!

2. Asian Salad ( Rs. 250/-)

A pan toasted Tofu salad with Capsicum,Cabbage, spring onions completed with a Soya dressing. If you prefer CRUNCHY SALADS, DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

3. Mexican Salad ( Rs.350/-)

A Mexican bean salad with peanuts, corn and other freshly cut vegetables. THIS IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE and also the hot seller of re:Store.

Bored of seeing too many vegetables already? Here is a treat for my sweet toothed friends:

4. Gluten free chocolate cake

OMG. This particular chocolate cake is in a different level of awesomeness. Who knew that a gluten-free chocolate cake could taste this delicious?

5.Pistachio Cake

The icing was a bit too sweet for me but other than that the cake was spongy,light and delicious.

Are you tempted already? So how do you order these?

Step 1 : Call +919884070315 (or) visit and place your order.

Step 2 :  If you live in and around Saidapet, they would deliver it to you ( They are expanding their services very soon) or you go to their store here and pick it up.

step 3 : You would receive your salad box, like this :

The outer packaging

 step 4 : Open your box ( looks like the pic below), add in the dressings and mix well.

Once you open it

Step 5 :

So go on, order your re:store salads today and make your April a healthy, peaceful and a DELICIOUS MONTH!

Check out re:store’s website for menu, delivery options and more :

re:store’s zomato :

Follow my food journey here :




Re:store Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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