Selamat datang Malaysia

So what if you can’t travel all the way to Malaysia for a vacation? You can at least feel like it in Alwarpet. What? How? When?!  Well, The Raintree hotel in association with the Tourism Malaysia is hosting a 17 day Malaysian Food festival at Colony restaurant from 22nd April to 8th May 2016. This festival will feature a friendly and talented Chef named Asri who will whip up some amazing food for us all the way from Malaysia.


Asri, The friendly Chef


The quirky walls of Colony


When I was invited by the Raintree hotel for a sit down buffet session with the Chef himself, I was absolutely nervous since I was clueless about Malaysian food. I thought all they were famous was for their Biryani. BUT I WAS SO WRONG! They are much more than that…seriously!

The ‘Malaysian food festival’ special buffet will feature a LOT of new Malaysian dishes along with the regular dishes and are exclusively priced at Rs. 1450 (plus taxes) without Alcohol and Rs. 1850 ( plus taxes) with Alcohol per person.

We tasted a few dishes from the buffet. It’s definitely an acquired taste and has a strong resemblance to namba south Indian food. If you are open to trying new flavours or if you already are a Malaysian food Fanatic, You will NOT be disappointed.

1. Live counter – Banana Pancakes

Hot and piping banana Pancakes tasted like a less sweet version of Namma ooru Appam.

2. Starter – Tofu Sambal

Fried Tofu tossed in the signature Malaysian Sambal sauce. Had a unique taste to it and I loved it!

3. Salad – Kerabu Taugeh

Marinated bean sprout with grated coconut.

4. Main course – Aubergine

Grilled Brinjal with Cincaluk dressing


Doesn’t my main course plate resemble Home food ? ( Vegetable Dal curry, Kacang Goreng and steamed rice).

Coming to my favourite part of the meal ;


5. Kuih Lapis

Layered Cassava cake. It was pretty chewy. I liked it while some of my colleagues didn’t.

6. Babur Pulut Hitam

Black sticky rice with coconut milk.

7. Kuih Katayab

Pancakes stuffed with a sweet coconut filling. Tasted like a yummy green kozhukattai.

So That’s it Folks! That’s some of the signature dishes of Chef Asri which will be a part of the Malaysian Food festival . Do visit this place before 8th May, 2016  if you don’t mind splurging for some authentic ‘truly asian’ food!

call this number to reserve your table     :  044-42252525
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