The grass is green on all the sides

Who is the most beautiful person in the world? The one who sacrifices her sleep to take care of us, the one who loves us eternally and mainly the one who makes the BEST midnight coffee. Still haven’t figured it out? MOTHERS, Of course! Even though I believe that we need to honour mothers everyday, a separate day to celebrate the contributions and sacrifices of our mothers is very special. Every year, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and this year it falls on 8th May,2016.

We know that our Mum cooks better than Gordon Ramsay, Vikas Khanna and Sanjeev Kapoor but we should give her a small one day break no. What better way to celebrate Mother’s day than by taking her out to a beautiful place for a Sunday brunch? Now is the time to thank me because I found a perfect place for the occasion – THE FARM.




The Farm is a farm (not even trying to joke) which acts as a perfect get away from the hustle& bustle of the polluted city. It’s situated in the Semmancherry Village, Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), Chennai. ( click here for directions ). As soon as you enter this place, even the toughest heart will melt as the luscious green manicured garden and the happy spirited Cats and dogs will make you forget that you are in a restaurant. I have gone to the place thrice and every time I go to The Farm, I turn into an over enthusiastic puppy seeing it’s owner after a long time.

Their property is divided into many parts- From the bakery to the restaurant, gardens and Temple, they have many stroll-worthy locations. From the series of photos I post below, you will get a glimpse of how Farm looks like.

The Bakery with Freshly made Cheese, Jams and other happy things.


No. not a prop from a scary movie.
The pathway to heaven (restaurant)
The inside of the restaurant which is decorated in such a way that it gives a vintage – rustic feel. OH That’s me!
Instagram worthy outdoor decors

I know that you are already excited to take your family to this place but let’s talk about the real deal here – THE FOOD! They are supposedly famous for their wood fired Pizzas and Steaks and since I could only taste their vegetarian options, here is my view and recommendations.

1. Home style butter milk ( Rs. 150/-)

Fresh butter milk topped with sesame seeds and coriander pampers our stomach and acts as an instant refresher.


2. Banana Lassi ( Rs. 150/-)

Fresh and real are two words to describe this drink. A thick& rich banana shake makes some of us feel tummy- full but it’s worth that 15o rupees.

3. Strawberry Lassi ( Rs. 200/-)

A baby pink beauty, this is. This was unanimously selected as the best drink out of the lot.

          ( we also ordered the cold coffee but it did not live up to our expectations)



4. Cheese garlic bread ( rs. 250/-)

With the recommendation from the waiter, we went for a cheese garlic with Sun dried tomato ( Rs. 50 Extra). It wasn’t super cheesy and gooey like the other ones I’ve tasted. but this stood out on it’s own and the sun dried tomatoes really helped.

5. Paneer fingers ( Rs. 250/-)

My brother loved it while I didn’t. I found it to be a bit rubbery which is a huge turn off.


6. Aloo Tuk ( Rs. 350/-)

Potato anything is good for me. Beautifully roasted potatoes with cheese topped with  perfect blend of spices tasted SO GOOD.


7. Herb Potato Wedges ( Rs. 200/-)

AGAIN, I like potatoes in all forms and this was the BEST form, imo. The sauces complemented really well with the CRUNCHY WEDGES .

They are quite famous for their wood fired pizzas and we decided to think no further and order three of their best vegetarian wood fired pizzas for our main course and trust me, it was MIND BLOWING.


The beauty in making


8. Pizza #3 – Tri colour

As the name suggests, it’s a tri colour pizza consisting of corn, green and red peppers. Since it was thin crusted and god damn tasty, we gobbled up in no time

9. Pizza #2 – Farm special

The classic farm fresh tomatoes, basil and Cheese pizza. Classic can go no wrong, right?

10. Pizza #8 -Farm fresh

Here I present to you, THE BEST VEG PIZZA OF THE FARM. who knew that Sautéed spinach,onions and garlic could create magic?

We were too full to order desserts on that particular day but I’ve had banoffee pie from this place and it was smacking good. They also serve North Indian dishes if you go for brunch/lunch. 



Almost Rs. 750/- per head. The price is always debatable but according to me, the value for money quotient is high due to it’s high quality, service and the ambience.



So What are you waiting for? Take your mother out on 8th May to THE FARM and make her feel like the queen that she always is. Happy mother’s day to my beautiful mother and also to all the other mothers out there!

Book your table here                              : mahabalipuram-road-omr#

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Photos taken by my talented friend :




Happy Eating!









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