Ink splattered in KNK road!

Restaurants are literally sprouting up adjacent, below and on top of each other in the street which all the foodies ought to know – Khadar Nawaz Khan road . This one called INK 303 is one of them but actually is Unique! Why? It’s one of the very few resto bars located in that area. This is a boon for all the ‘PARTY ANIMALS’ who live in this area. Guys, you don’t have to go to T-Nagar anymore!

The famous Oyster building shares it’s space with Mamagoto in the 2nd floor and Ink 303 in the third floor. We were invited as soon as they had launched and hence the place was not 100% complete. We still loved it. It immediately gave us a party vibe with the metallic blue, silver and black themed bar seating, a dope dance station and some peppy music. They are still waiting for their alcohol license ( doesn’t matter to me) but for those who prefer alcohol to accompany their dance, it is best advised to go after they get the license and during the night, of course.


We went on a weekday for lunch and since it was pretty new, the place wasn’t really crowded. We asked the Chef and the ever smiling waiter to bring in their signature dishes and we were ready with our fork and knife!

Our gastronomical adventure started with some drinks. We were served almost 5-6 drinks and we enjoyed most of them. Even though the banana smoothie made up of bananas, almonds and honey was the unanimous favourite, The Kiwi Mint mocktail was just the front runner for me. The Mint didn’t overpower the overall drink and that was such a pleasant surprise. The other drinks like the Watermelon Mocktail, the strawberry milkshake were just good. just good.

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The drinks were done. We wanted spice. We wanted food. Boy, we got some food!


1.White bean and broth soup

Resembling the south Indian home food, The white bean and broth soup did taste amazing and the flavours were portrayed well



Starters were the stars! They are the only reason that I would go back to this place again and again. We got a lot and we relished MOST OF THEM.

Roasted red pepper hummus served with some flavoured bread is one of the best I’ve tasted in town.
The cheese Nachos were tasty. I won’t say it was the best I’ve ever tasted but yeah not bad!


Crispy fried water chestnuts. I’ve had water chestnuts only in the form of desserts and it was a different ( YUMMY) experience to try the savoury version of it. The Hunan style sauce really gave a KICK and it is a must order.


Roasted mushroom with cilantro butter. I am not a fan of mushrooms so I stuck to the butter toasted bread. My friends did mention that the dish was worth a try. So take note,Mushroom lovers!



3. Main course



We were already full with the overwhelming starters but the generous management didn’t stop. They wanted us to try both their Italian and Thai food. The Italian was SPOT ON but the Thai food didn’t make the cut. I am sure they have already improved after all the constructive criticism but yeah stick to Italian food for now.

Penne with Roasted Pumpkin. Perfection on a plate. Since I am a pumpkin lover, this creamy, flavour packed pasta was my absolute favourite.


Paneer and bell peppers served with some buttered rice. Again, the paneer was so soft and was cooked to perfection. It complemented well with the rice.



Jasmine rice with Thai red curry. It was too sweet and didn’t go well with the rice. I will avoid this.



4. Sugar….Yes please!


No, we were still NOT done. They insisted that we have the desserts. We didn’t need the persuasion. There is always some room for desserts. Me being a sugar toothed person was especially looking forward to it and was more than satisfied with what they offered.


Cheese cake with Strawberry couli was so creamy. So creamy



Lychee Caramel custard was SO tasty. The sauce was perfection on the plate.


Since we were invited by the management, It was an ‘on the house’ meal. I ball parked and came into the conclusion that it would be around Rs.500/- per head for a happy, filling meal.



This is a place for the Party animals who want a change from the already existing places and also for people who just want some good food. Go ahead! Enjoy your weekend and happy eating!


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