Did anyone say eggless Crepes?

Chennai is a place that welcomes all kinds of restaurants and cuisines, be it 5 star or Kai yendhi, South Indian or Mexican. We are spoilt with plethora of choices when it comes to dining, right? Here is one more to add to our pamper list. Crepes! You may boast that Chennai has several eateries that serves authentic Crepes. But a place dedicated to Crepes? maybe. OK let’s try again! A place dedicated to Vegetarian Crepes? …well….. Canadian Crepe Company (CCC) located in Greams road (opposite to Dhaba express) is a proud maker of exclusive vegetarian Crepes. Be it the authentic one or localized ones…they have got it all and yes, they are egg less! Time to pack your bags mamis.

My attraction towards pretty lighting

I was invited on a fine evening along with my buddies to try out the newly opened Canadian Crepe Company. The exteriors resembled a cute little European Cafe. It’s a quaint little place with a live Crepe counter on one side ( see below) and beautiful seating area on the other.

The Live counter – Where all the magic happens!


A quirky little shelf which caught my eyes

It was clearly an evening but we all came from work hence were starving! We decided to try out all that they could offer and here is my short review on most of them.

We started off with drinks as usual. The CHOCO MINT ONE was the best drink and one of my favourite drinks ever. We also had The king smoothie, Ruby red, ATF which were all perfect for diet conscious people. I liked the fact that they use honey instead of Sugar in their smoothies.

Array of drinks

We also had the opportunity to try the trending MONSTER SHAKES ( DEVIL SHAKE). I honestly felt it was a little over hyped. It tasted pretty good but since I came in with the hugest expectation, I was a little disappointed with the drink. Just this drink.



Let’s move on to the hero- Le CREPES! We were pleasantly surprised to see a lot of unusual combinations and we were more than excited to try the Unique Crepes from three different categories – Savory, Flavours of India and Classics.



Le French Gruyere – A MUST ORDER!!! A simple Corn, mushroom Crepe totally transformed when that sauce and Gruyere Cheese were added. Everyone LOVED it.

For those who want to try authentic Thai food in a crepe, Try Pattaya to Phuket. If this Crepe is a cake then the Peanuts are the Cherries.


Mexican delight would have been even more of a delight if I could have had a taste of those red beans. Other than that, the Avocado, Salsa totally made me believe that I was having some Mexikhana.




Flavours of India:

My favourite section of the Menu. Kudos to the R&D team to have a curated menu to suit even the elderly tongues. If you are planning to take your safe- playing family out to eat, then stick to the flavours of India especially The Madras Crepe.

Close your eyes and have this. This is PODI DOSA for sure. I am not complaining because they have replicated the flavours so beautifully. The Madras Crepe is a must order!



Wrap Chick Mumbai is my second favourite dish of the night. Perfect for MASALA lovers.



We ended our Crepe story with a Classic APPLE Crepe. Caramalized apple, cinnamon and powdered sugar was just a perfect Finale.

I was quite happy with the experience since I was excited to bring my grandparents who definitely need a break from the routine south Indian food. It would also satisfy my grandparents who would only dine in specific places and wouldn’t prefer a place which serves both vegetarian & non vegetarian dishes. We were invited by CCC for a food bloggers event and hence were not allowed to pay but generally it’s around Rs.1000/- for two which IMO is a good deal.


Go ahead! Have your Indianized Crepes or westernized Dosas.

Happy eating


Book your table here : https://www.zomato.com/chennai/canadian-crepe-company-greams-road

Follow my gastronomical adventures : https://www.zomato.com/Subhikshavenkat

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