Everyday is Pizza day!

I just realised that I am gradually developing an officer’s dinner disorder (ODD). Wait. What? Yes, An Officer’s dinner disorder. A month back when I hadn’t joined Office yet, I wanted to dine out all day & night. But now all I want to do is go home..to my bed, cuddle up in my cozy brown comforter, watch HBO with my AC in full blast mode with a remote in one hand and some Pizza on the other. YES PIZZAAAAAA!

When I think about Pizza, my tongue hypnotizes my mind and I just want to have some god damn Pizza. I have tried almost all the generic pizza outlets and have felt that Papa Johns somehow satisfies my cravings much better than the others. I was invited by Papa Johns India team to try out their signature vegetarian dishes for dinner. I immediately accepted because….pizza. But before I visited their outlet as a food blogger, I had googled about their pizzas and was pleasantly surprised. It seems that unbleached, high-protein flour is used to prepare the hand tossed dough. The dough is always made fresh and is never stored. I also read that Potassium which is sadly present in many pizza breads could lead to Cancer but Papa Johns is Potassium free. +1 for that!

I was served small portions of almost all their signature dishes. While some of them were not very palatable, some were really yummy and the below mentioned ones are my personal recommendations and coincidentally their Hot sellers as well.



We were served all their vegetarian starters. The cheesy jalapeno nuggets and the original bread sticks just didn’t do it for me. The potato wedges on the other hand scored points as the sauce gave a kick to the otherwise bland wedges.

The potato wedges


The two starters – garlic parmesan  and the cheese sticks were my favourite. It melted in my mouth and the famous garlic parmesan sauce was salty but just finger lickin good! Oops. Wrong outlet.

Garlic Parmesan tossed all over the sticks. If you are the dip and eat person, ask them to not toss it over and give the sauce in a separate container.



Cheese sticks


Better ingredients, better pizzas

We asked them to serve us their two most happening vegetarian pizzas. We got a default Garden special Pizza with generous amount of Olives, onion, capsicum topped with mozzarella cheese. It had a clean taste and I enjoyed it.

Garden special is in any vegetarian’s order, isn’t?


What we got next was the spiciest pizza I’ve ever had. I am not spice intolerant but I just couldn’t finish this one. If you want to bunk office/college/school the next day and don’t have any excuse, you can try this one. Ok jokes aside, the flavours are commendable but it was just too HOT!

I am spicy and I know it!


End with a sweet

We needed something sweet after our fire-y experience and hence opted for a choco lava cake. The molten chocolate didn’t ooze out and make the plate messy but it was moist and tasted pretty good.

LAVA LAVA LAVA… ( Comment below if you get the reference)


Overall, If you are going through ODD or just in the mood to eat pizza ie; all the time, try Papa Johns – The papa of generic Pizza outlets. Order the right thing and you won’t be disappointed, I am sure. I would rate it a decent 3/5!  I would like to thank bloomingdale and Papa johns India for inviting me for this taste testing session and I hope my feedback is taken positively.


Happy ordering, Happy home delivery and Happy PIZZZAAAAAA!


Subhiksha Venkat


FOR ANY COLLABORATIONS, MAIL ME : subi1112@gmail.com





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