A Food street in Chennai

We Chennaites cannot get enough of street food. We don’t mind standing on the road, waiting all day for the panipuri Bhaiya to refill our lonely cup with yet another spicy puri. We don’t mind travelling all the way to Triplicane just to have Bhai’s aromatic Biryani. But we do mind spending a lot of money for the same, right? RIIIIIGHT? What if you have a street dedicated to food from all over India?! What if it’s super economical? If you are already excited, then pack your bags to OMR food street (www.omrfoodstreet.com).



OMR food street is located in Thuraipakkam and has already been raided by yours truly several times. The basic idea is to dedicate a street/property which can serve economical multi cuisine street food in a single place and they have almost nailed it. When I was invited as a blogger to try out the place, I was ready to revisit my favourites and here are my must visits, one destination at a time


PUNJAB – Stuf-fed



The BEST chole batura I’ve had yet




Malaysia – New town

Nasi Goreng – Experience Malaysia for Rs.65/- ( much cheaper than kabali tickets atleast


Burma – Burma Square

Athos – An exotic taste which is very subjective. I loved it whereas some of my friends didn’t.


Mexico – Wrapaholics

Mexican Crunch Wrap justifies it’s name. It was crunchy and it had all the mexican flavours in it. 


Tamil nadu during 200 BC – KEEMU 200

Who said Millet based food costs a fortune? Keemu 200 stands Unique in providing healthy, tasty, Organic and economical food.



THE IDLY AND THE CHUTNEY are the food version of Romeo-julliet


Salem – Thattu Kadai

While all my other friends went for their thattu vadai, I completely relished this curd boondhi.


France – Zuki and Co.

A bit slow in their service but the delicious waffles makes up for it.



‘Digesting’ the good memories

After all the travelling, I need some good Soda and Ice Gola to complete my gastromical adventure. I always finish my meal in food street with a green apple/cola Soda. For just 10 rupees, it acts as a perfect tasty digesting element.






Carry 200-300 rupees for yourself and have a tummy filling meal. Do try out the places I’ve suggested and let me know how you liked it!


Happy Food Walking!





5 thoughts on “A Food street in Chennai

  1. I missed this event bcos I was out of station that weekend. But will try to go there one of these days to try out some of your recommendations. I particularly like the price range these shops are offering 🙂


  2. Keemu 200 is interesting. Should explore what else they have in the menu. The next time you visit, please take a picture of their menu 🙂 The ice golas are inviting though I’ve never had one before. A good quick post, enough to allure us.

    Liked by 1 person

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