Can a Vegetarian survive in Japan?

‘But I am a Vegetarian’! This was my confused answer when I was invited to the Indo-Japanese food festival at Sora Jima,Accord Metropolitan,T Nagar. After reassuring that they can satisfy a vegetarian’s soul, I decided to experience the festival on a saturday night along with my foodie buddies.

I reached the restaurant and was stunned by the beautiful view of Chennai. Being a roof top, private dining restaurant, this seemed like a perfect spot for some alone time with your partner..who of course loves Japanese food!



I see the menu and I was Intrigued!! PANEER TIKKA SUSHI, JAPANESE BIRYANI? The only three words which immediately popped up in my mind was, ‘BRING IT ON’!

Tofu Clear Soup

A little disappointed with the Soup as the flavours of Sea weed were pretty strong and I am not a fan! Avoid if you aren’t ok with Seafood smell.

Starters – Paneer Tikka Sushi


After dealing with the Soup,I was skeptical. I thought I was going to waste this but MY GOD! Who knew that Paneer Tikka and Sushi would go so well together? Killer dish.


Starters- Vegetable Tempura

I knew what I was signing up for! I knew that Tempura was going to be bland. But thank the lord for the Sauce. It made a huge(good) difference to the otherwise Bland tempura.


Starters -Crispy Rice with Spicy Paneer

My favourite dish of the night because the inter racial marriage of the Japanese crispy rice and the Indianised Paneer masala was SPOT ON!


Main course – Japanese Veg Biryani

Innovation at it’s best. I was so impressed with the Biryani where the rice was cooked with Bamboo shoot and exotic vegetables.The Interview with Big FM that followed, I was talking about the Biryani…only about the Biryani!

The biryani served with their Sora Jima signature sauce. A complete Paisa Vasool!


Main course – Saute Vegetables

It was more like a salad than a main course. Pretty crunchy and refreshing.


I was spoilt for choices in the dessert section but I had to leave early. You can check out my fellow food blogger’s reviews for both dessert and non vegetarian recommendations ( Read Asmi’s , Read Ajit’s and Navina’s.)

Overall, it is an event not to be missed. The Festival is till August 7th! So go ahead, try their Indo-Japanese cuisine and let me know how you liked it!

PS : Yes, Vegetarians can survive in Japan provided you take Chef Gaurav and Chef Dipesh with you










Sora Jima - The Accord Metropolitan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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