A Gastronomical adventure in Raintree

I have always been mesmerized by the amalgamation of food and science ( Master chef spoilt me). When I came to know that Above sea Level, a restaurant which has been in my bucket list ever since I landed in Chennai 4 years ago has revamped their menu into what Chef Dandge claims,’A progressive Menu’, I was intrigued. Intrigued to see what Progressive menu actually means. Is it going to involve theatre? Is my table going to be full of Dry ice? Well, It’s much more than that.

It was a weekday night. Tired from work, I just wanted good food. My friend and I were graciously welcomed by the F&B team and was escorted to the 14th floor. AH.Who knew that Chennai was so beautiful from an elevation? Mind blown by the ambience, we chose a corner seat, away from the noisy football and cricket screenings.

IMG_9795 (1).jpg


First came the Smiling Chef Deepak Dandge, then came our never ending exotic starters.


Avocado and Truffle crisp

Looks like Mumbai, tastes like Mexico. The Avocado gives it a bitter taste but the after taste is so good that you keep asking for more and more.


Yoghurt Papadi ‘molecular’ mint foam

More of a soggy version of a papadi chaat. Being used to having that crunch, I didn’t enjoy the  soft flavour but the mint foam and the yoghurt bubble were a burst of flavour.

Curd rice with ‘Molecular’ applams and mango pickle foam

The Tambrahm in me acted like a small child when the Chef was explaining this dish. A molecular curd rice? Yes. Mango picke foam? Hell yes!


I feel like this spoonful of dish is perfect for those who want to have a taste of the authentic curd rice but don’t really want to eat a whole bowl of it for the same. I absolutely enjoyed this.


Rasam Vada, ASL way

A beautifully fried vada infused with the flavours of rasam was THE dish of the night and I gobbled up in no time.

beautifully fried vada with infused flavours of spicy rasam


Palak, Cream Cheese Kebab & Chukundar ke kebab

The flavours of Palak and the oozing Cream cheese kebab were so fresh but definitely a bit heavy for a starter. The Chukundar ke kebab with the miniature tawa paratha was a delight and better over the former.

The Sauce is clearly magic


‘Air’ podi idli with Sambar foam

When Chef mentioned this dish to us, we were skeptical. Sambar Foam? We aren’t accustomed to that. But he ensured that it’s going to be a fun roller coaster.We believed him and glad we did.


That Ghee, I tell you. The feeling of serenity when an Idly melts in your mouth.


After having almost all the starters, we were almost full. The strawberry, yoghurt palate cleanser arrived and we were ready for the main course.



Vegetable Risotto, coconut foam

I wanted to go with the ‘fusion’ theme and hence went for this south Indian flavoured Risotto. It tasted like a proper kerala meal. Impressive




DESSERT GASM – Biscuit Cheese cake

I just want to say that I loved everything about this. The cheesy cake, the sauce, the presentation. I am drooling as I type this. So please have it for yourself and be as ecstatic as I am.




Edible Mudpot


Tiramisu cake presented in such a creative way. The texture of the tiramisu cake and the overall concept of the dessert is commendable.


*burrrps*. That’s how we ended a fantastic meal. I am so happy that they chose to change their menu because change is always good and when you have an innovative team like this, change is brilliant.


Above sea level, you were vera level!


happy eating



PS : @face_photography_ clicked these mind blowing pics. Do follow his page for more amazing clicks!



Above Sea Level - The Raintree Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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