What’s brewing in ECR?

The Brew room located in Savera hotel has been my go to Cafe for some yummy thai cold coffee on a sunny day or a hot cup of hazelnut cappuccino on a gloomy day. The ambience is to die for, the coffee is unbelievably tasty, the pricing isn’t that exorbitant but it’s always crowded. Always. ALWAAAYS! So when the same setup of brew room was mimicked in the serene location of ECR, I was ecstatic.

The newly opened Brew room is located inside the premises of Farmhouse, Kanathur, ECR. The cute gardenia themed cafe is soothing and just plain cute .





We were a bunch of hungry foodies and hence raided the whole place. We were served almost everything from the menu. The Menu is almost the same as the main outlet but the ECR one boasts it’s ability to serve cheesy Pizzas as well.



We started off with drinks.Duh. If you are my friend, you would know that I am a sucker for Thai cold coffee. I also love their Swiss chocolate shake and hazelnut cappuccino. We were also served their minty hot chocolate, Oreo shake, Cafe Latte but they didn’t satisfy as much as the others I’ve mentioned.

Array of drinks. Thai being my favourite
Tastes as good as it looks.


When Brew room reciprocates my love for them.


Soup and starters

Since it’s a ‘small eat’ kinda place, a drink with a starter would be sufficient enough for an evening snack.

13699473_10210013675077098_358515425_o (1)
Tomato soup wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to be. I will probably avoid.
Tomato,capsicum and Mushroom bruschetta platter is a MUST order to go along with your beverages.


Main course

Main course in Brew room is something which I haven’t had in a while. The Basil pesto Pasta refurbished my memories since the taste was, as they say ‘same to same’ as their other outlets. The ECR outlet stands unique in having exotic pan crusty pizzas.

We were in the mood for the mostly avoided ‘Pesto’ and decided to have it in their sandwich and the pasta version.


A Mediocre tofu and pesto sandwich. Even though the flavours were brilliant, it didn’t make me go wow.


The Pinenut which adds that extra crunch to the herby pasta.


Very Very Very yummy. Very.



Again, we were served almost all the desserts like a platter and we ain’t complaining. The red velvet cup cake was the king of the platter and the brownie cake misses it by a thread.


#dessertgasm #dessertporn or whatever the kids call it nowadays.


Overall, I recommend this place for a lazy sunday morning or any time in the evening where you can just sip a Latte’ and end up having a really good time. Definitely not a place suitable for a heavy lunch.






The Brew Room Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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