Urban Clap to the rescue

Nowadays, we expect help in any and all forms. From fixing a bulb to arranging a birthday party and even cleaning your bathroom, you want help. That’s when Urban Clap becomes your savior. What do you mean  by Urban Clap? Haven’t you watched period movies where the king/queen claps and you get the helpers running around and satisfying their needs? That’s exactly their concept…but in the modern world.

Urban Clap teamed up with us via Chennai Bloggers Club and I was the first person to be excited. The HOME SALON option was something which I have been looking to try for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity for a lazy person like me. So I booked a pampering session on a Sunday morning and this is how it went :


Step 1 : The App

Download the Urban Clap App from App store/play store or visit their website : https://www.urbanclap.com/


Step 2 : Spoilt for choice

The Home screen makes us intimidated since we have 100s of option to choose from. But I was clear and chose ‘Salon at home’



Step 3 : Select your packages


From Mani-pedi, waxing, facials, they have got it all.


Step 4 : Pay….(well Subhiksha, we know)


Step 5 : Get Pampered

The Beautician calls you exactly an hour before your scheduled time. My beautician Sudha reached exactly 5 mins before the scheduled time, dressed neatly in her UC uniform, hair pinned and bags neatly packed.



Not even in my wildest dreams have I imagined to have waxing session in my own bed. The Setup was neat, the protective cover put on my bed shooed away my anxiety and the process was clean.




I was so surprised that inside that backpack she carried around with her, a heating tub and all the equipments needed for pedicure was kept. I had a vigorous pedicure session and I enjoyed every bit. I mean who wouldn’t?




Not fancy tools this time, but decent nevertheless.



Coming to the main part, CLEANING! I avoided telling her that I’am a blogger and I have been asked to write about this because the cleaning would have been extra special. But I must appreciate her, she was really good and everything was properly cleaned, dried and went back into her backup like before.



So, after a wonderful experience, I am recommending this app to all you people who don’t have the time to go to a beauty parlor to get things done ( including me) since the price is the same.


PS : Use the code SUBHIKSHA1440 or subhikshav8366 on your first service to get Rs.200/- off



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