Hamsa – A silver dream

We enter ‘Hamsa’, a newly opened luxury dining restaurant tucked into the quaint streets of Gandhi Nagar and were lost. Lost for words. A pristine looking Swan symbol-ed building welcomed us graciously. The pathway to the restaurant was decorated with silvery white cages with colorful floras. The building hosts two floors – the first being the dining hall and the latter being a dream… I mean a private silver dining room. The Silver cutlery, the intricately designed interiors and the carefully curated menu for us diners shows the amount of hard work they have put into this restaurant and the result is clearly mind blowing.





After entering a palace, it was time for us to be treated like Royalty. The bell shaped sweet box which had Saffron Rasagulla was kept at every table and took us by a pleasant surprise.



The welcome drink made me fall in love with the place. No, not the golden Zari walls, not the silver artifacts but the welcome drink. Panchamirutham made up of 5 different ingredients reminded me of my childhood visits to Murugan temple and the authenticity is maintained. After 4 glasses of Panchamirutham, I was ready for food.



A plethora of starters and main course were arranged for us lucky bloggers. I was extra happy since it was a 100% vegetarian menu. Not just because I can finally try anything and everything on the menu but also we needed a vegetarian stand alone luxury dining restaurant in the City.



Paneer Saunfiya was one of my personal favourites. The Paneer cut like butter, the taste hit my head and the sauce topped it all.



Cheese Kurkuri, simply a desi spring roll did lack some extra oomph which could be improved with a nice chatpat sauce.


Some more starters like Makkai Muthaia Chaat which is a crispy dish made of fried corn tasted as good as it looked. The Leaf Enclosed Paneer and Kachhe kele aur anar tikki tasted mediocre and wasn’t able to compete with their neighbours.


Main course

The Usuals – Breads, rice and varieties of Gravy but the unique taste made it stand out from the others.


Kamal Kakdi Kofte is Hamsa’s signature dish and now I know why. Served with Olive Naan, the lotus stem masala stole the show.


Bagirathi Meher Paneer is a creamy, less spicy paneer dish. A brilliant option for people who prefer subtle masala. Amritsari Kulcha complements perfectly.


Delhiwali hara Turai – What names, I tell you. If only the gourd were cooked a bit more, this would have been a killer dish.


Anar aur hari meeri ka Chawal was a treat for both eyes and tongue. The pomegranate gave that crunch and enhanced the whole flavour of the perfectly cooked rice.

We were also served Idiyappam Biryani which didn’t please my palate.



The Amrud Pirni ( left) was a perfect ending to our gastronomical rollercoaster and the Anjeer Halwa ( right) was a burst of flavours but a  tad bit too sweet for my liking.



Since it was an invited dinner, we weren’t allowed to pay but it comes to approx. Rs 2000/- for two which can be justified with the ‘fine dining’ tag.


Overall, I am extremely happy that vegetarians can finally go to an exclusive veg luxury restaurant for a nice weekend lunch/dinner. With extra ordinary main course and delectable starters and desserts, Hamsa is a sure winner and highly recommended.


Reserve your table : click here or call 044-30637519!

Happy eating!





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