Kylie Jenner’s Lip kit on Indian skin

Kylie..Kylie…Kylie! This is the name which has been heard so much that I even thought of naming my future child that.(OK.NO) Admit it or not, even if we loathe the Kardashians, we cannot stay away from them. Same applies to ‘King Kylie’ as well. Her lips has changed her life.literally. I admire the fact that she has made a dynasty out of her lips – The Lip kits. I was one among the millions who was smitten by the concept of Lip kits and decided to spend (42$ ~Rs.2800) to get a god damn lipstick.

I was fortunate enough to try most of the colours on my lips before I picked the right shade for me ( Perks of having a best friend who is a makeup artist). I narrowed it down to CANDY K and POSIE K for my Indian skin tone and preference. The remaining shades were either too dark for me/too washed out. Posie was a perfect pink shade and Candy k gave me the ‘my lips but better’ look and decided to finally order posie k.



I ordered it via . Each lipkit is 29$ and the shipping charge varies with area. I received the product in exactly 11 days.


The Black box had the bill, Default welcome card from Kylie and my lipkit


The Lip kit consists of a creamy lip liner and the cupcake scented liquid lipstick.


The lip liner is so creamy and smooth. It glides on really well. The liquid lipstick is pretty pigmented and covers evenly. Once it dries (in seconds), it becomes a little flaky. If you rub your lips vigorously, the pigments come on your hand and it’s not a good scene. Also, if you have extremely dry lips, please AVOID. It is perfect for the lucky souls with naturally moisturized lips.



Posie K liquid lipstick(left) and liner(right) before drying. The colour is vibrant, ain’t it?




The colour with FLASH.



It was claimed that it is a matte lip kit and hence the colours wouldn’t come off once applied. Hence I tried it out on my hands and my lips and the results didn’t match the claim. The lip liner almost vanished whereas the lipstick faced some turbulence but chose to stay sturdy.

The Lipliner lost whereas the Liquid lipstick chose to fight



Well, the most important thing is the way the colour suits your face. I was extremely happy with the way Posie K sat on my lips as it complemented my skin tone really well. It dried darker and stayed on for the whole day. I didn’t have to reapply at all.

Photo taken at the end of the day ( 12 hours after application) where my eyes seem to give up but the lipkit smiled away in glory.


I personally feel that for the 3000 rupees investment, you can get a better lipstick with a different formula but for those who are keen on trying the Kylie lip kits, Posie K is a safe option for anyone who are planning to get that perfect pink shade from Kylie. Since it’s an expensive online buy, be very sure before you place an order. Exposed, candyk and posiek are my recommendations out of the bunch.



– S




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