South Indian….with a twist

No, I am not bored of eating poriyal out of a vessel but what if it comes in the form of a salad? What if you have a Parotta which has taken a vacation to Bangkok? Pretty interesting right! hmm..I sense your facial expression.  A mixture of surprise and skepticism washed my face too when Vignesh, the mastermind behind the royal 8 course meal in VB Signature explained his signature dishes to my fellow blogger and I.

Rewind 10 minutes and we enter a funky version of Vasantha Bhavan. Rustic Walls adorned with posters, soothing music and the ever smiling people around…What more do you want for a perfect ambience? We got an 8 seater all for  ourselves ( yes, we are special 😉 ) and were ready to attack…one course at a time.



Course Zero – Drinks

We Chose Bovonto Black Mojito to prepare our tummy for the mission. My friend loved it since shes a Bovonto fan. I don’t like Bovonto that much so don’t want to comment on the ‘Taste’


Course  Amuse Bouche

No, we still didn’t start our 8 course meal. We were served a Paneer tikka Cigarillo which tasted heavenly with that magical sauce a.k.a Coriander Tartare. Karupatti Pancake inspite of being a tad bit soggy, satisfied our taste buds.



Course one – Sweet Corn Shorba

Finally, we start. Being a corn fanatic, I was jumping with joy when the Chef brought the golden beauty to our table. The small bits of Corn in our soup was a fun tease and well, the popcorn was a brilliant touch.



Course two – Vegetable Poriyal

‘Sorry, am I in Masterchef kitchen?’ This was my thought when the beautifully plated dish sat in front of us. When the Chef said it was Vegetable Poriyal, we were taken aback! But how?  Cumin scented carrot Puree, coconut chips, Cucumber shavings, Poriyal dressing etc constituted the ‘salad’ and tasted even better than a normal Poriyal. One of my favourites from the lunch.




Course three – Some more twists

When we were still in awe with the previous dishes, we got another platter with some Masala Mushroom Pithvier which I didn’t taste ( I hate you, mushrooms) and some scrumptious Tandoori momo. That momo was perfection on a plate and the Coriander& Yogurt emulsion just enhances my love for them momos.

Focus on the important things ie; Tandoori momos

Course four – When the above twists weren’t enough for you

Ah! Kheema Kari dosai. My dream of tasting Kheema kari dosai came true when we were served a miniature dosa with Soya Chunks replacing the meat. I know that the taste cannot be compared to an authentic one but for a vegetarian, this will be foodgasmic. We were served Hashbrowns drizzled with some Tomato pickle Mayonnaise. Pleasantly Surprised to have tasted a south Indian version of the american dish.



Time for a break ( Palate cleanser)

Even though the portions seem minuscule, it filled up my stomach and I wanted a break. Yogurt and Orange Sorbet was a burst of flavours and cleared our palate.



Course five – Paneer Tikka Masala

This was my most favourite course out of them all. Chef’s take on a classic Paneer Tikka Masala. Try it yourself because words can’t explain.




Course ‘I am losing count’ – Thai Corn cakes

Unfortunately this was my least favourite dish since the corn cakes were a bit too sweet for a main course. The Kothu parota also didn’t have that punch but thankfully, the yummy red curry saved the dish



Course ” WHAT” – Dessert platter

Like everyone else in the world, we were super excited to try the dessert platter. Panai Vellam Cheesecake and Rosapoo ice cream were just mediocre whereas the beetroot halwa spring roll was just out of the world. I am having halwa dreams as I type this. Sigh. #foodieproblems.




Course ‘I am Special so i get an extra dessert’

That’s it. The meal was over but I wanted to try their famous, ‘Milan to Madras’ which isn’t a part of their course meal, but you can always request. The Coffee Rasgullas were SPOT ON. enough said.



….and that’s how my royal meal ended. *burps* This is available for Rs. 700-800 per head and all you have to do is inform them a day prior. I definitely recommend this to the strict vegetarians who still wanna have fun.

Let me know how you like it.


Happy eating




VB Signature by Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

5 thoughts on “South Indian….with a twist

  1. I love your writing. Just sprinkling that humour and love in your words. N also how i could taste flavours in those descriptive words of yours! I am definitely trying out their food(especially the dessert -Milan to madras!) I have been wanting to start my own blog and urs gave me a right amount of push!! I’ll soon send you d link to my own blog. Looking forward to getting in touch with you more personally

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