Another ‘Feather’ in Radha’s cap!

Feathers – A Radha hotel is a new addition to Chennai’s star hotel list. But this one stands Unique. how? It’s the only 5 star hotel in and around it’s area. Home to 186 rooms, it easily connects the corporate side of DLF, Guindy and even airport. But what impressed me more is their all day dining restaurant called WATERSIDE. ( Of course, food excites me more).



Waterside, a golden beauty which can seat around 100-120 people is their all day dining service. When asked the reason behind the name, they simply said, it is named because of the alfresco seating in the middle of a pool. You heard it right. They also boast of their huge buffet spread. I have to agree.. I haven’t visually seen so much food in one room.The Chef mentioned that they serve 90 different types of dishes and also have 4 live counters, a salad bar and a dessert bar. From Pasta to Dosa, Bhel puri to Curd rice, you name, they have. We were invited on a weekday to try their lunch buffet and my experience is based on that lunch.



The Chef welcomed us with a spicy mint cooler. Visually pleasing, this drink was a perfect party starter.



Drinks, which weren’t part of the buffet were served in a real classy way. My friends went for a virgin Mojito and a cranberry ice tea which was very refreshing. I ordered a banana noir which was too heavy, thanks to the milk&banana blend.



We have had enough of the drinks. The food had enticed us too much that we just ran like Puppies once we were done with our drinks.


Soup – Vegetable and Barley broth

Barley is a huge turn off for me, personally. The after taste didn’t please my senses but some of the bloggers who came along with me seemed to enjoy it.



For the Health conscious people – Salad bar

Pasta and grilled vegetable with Pesto Sauce, Tossed green salad and watermelon & feta cheese salad were my favourites amongst the magnificent display.




Starters, served on the table as such were less. Not complaining though. Aloo shakarkand ki chaat was too delicious. After a good amount of servings, we were satisfied. Baby Corn Varuval was so spicy but I couldn’t stop eating it. I somehow enjoyed that intense spice.



Live Counters

They had 4 different counters where the Chefs make the food, right in front of you…just the way you want it. We obviously had a tease from all the counters and here is a tease of the tease :


All the three varieties of Pasta. The Alfredo was unanimously chosen as the best followed by the pesto and then the arabiatta.


Pizza in making..



Some yummy, cheesy, gooey pesto pizza. Goodness gracious.


Crispy and fresh….

Main Course – What main course?

We had to save some space for desserts so hardly had any main course. Curd rice is a staple so along with that had this urulai roast which was OH.MY.GOD! Please ensure you have it. Not a very diet friendly dish, but it’s potato!



Best part of the meal – Dessert

Plethora of desserts but felt incomplete without a chocolate based dessert. Other than that, all tasted fantastic. afterall, it’s DESSERTS!

With extra chocolate sauce, it tasted heavenly.


Indian sweets na adu indian sweets dan..


Ah. the syrup is still lingering in my mouth.



The Buffet costs Rs.1200 plus taxes per head…..BUT WAIT! They have an inaugural discount of 25% until Sept 30, 2016. Considering the wide spread, amazing service and delicious food, it’s totally worth it.


Stop by Waterside and witness the wonders which Feathers offers you…






Waterside - Feathers, A Radha Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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