You can eat chips and still be healthy

You can eat Chips and still be healthy. I had to say it twice because I couldn’t believe it at first. When Naturell India approached me for a collaboration with their brand, I did a lot of research and was impressed. Impressed at the fact that their visionary idea of providing natural, healthy products came into action without burning a hole in our pockets. With this busy & tiring work Schedule, we do not get to take the correct proportion of all the nutrients. That’s when I read about Ritebite Nutrition bars and decided to try out their Protein bars and….Chips toh banta hai, boss.



I was sent a goodie bag from the team and here is a short review of what I received.


Max Protein – Nutrition bars

THE BEST SUPPLEMENT FOR MY BREAKFAST. I honestly don’t get time to have breakfast since I am always running late to the Office. So the Protein bars which comes in different flavours ( Chocolate Fudge, Honey and lemon) is not only DELICIOUS but also very filling. The days I miss having breakfast, this is my go-to.



See, I mean it. Drive and Eat.


Max Protein Snacks – CHIPS

My Favourite part of the goodie bag. Got three finger licking flavours – Cheesy Jalapeno, Minty Chaat, Spanish Tomato. Spanish Tomato was the unanimous favourite among my family, whereas Minty Chaat stole the show and brought out the Chef in me…


Minty Chaat is a MUST ORDER because it is not only healthy but extremely yummy. I decided to have this for an evening snack. Tomato, onion, Corn, Peanuts mixed with the Chips made a quick evening snack and I loved it.



I am extremely satisfied with all the products in the goodiebag and I recommend it to all of you. You can buy it online here :  Eat Healthy. Be Healthy.


Happy Eating!





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