Sunday brunch ready

Hello you all.  Happy sunday!

Sunday morning is literally my favourite time of the week because you don’t hear that irritating alarm clock buzzing at 6 am or a constant knock at your door from your grandmother to wake you up and force you to get ready for work. Also, Sundays are when I meet my friend (ahem) and dear ones so I ensure that I dress up a little bit and not be the usual lazy me.

Sunday brunch is a culture that is common in the west and slowly creeping into our Indian minds too. According to me, if  ‘Sunday brunch’ was a person, she would be calm, lazy, comfortable yet sophisticated. That’s exactly how I want my outfit to also be. MAXI DRESSES fit into the mould perfectly, doesn’t it? When you say MAXI DRESSES, the first store that comes to my mind is Tamara. Located in T Nagar ie; almost Centre of city, you cannot call this place too far for you. Lots of Indian/indowestern/western dresses, crop tops, skirts, sarees…you name the trend, they have it.

I chose this monochrome maxi dress from Tamara and styled it with a black metal choker and a boho ring set from Bubbleogum. To add a little pop to the monochrome, I carried a red sling bag from Guess. My hair and face was au naturel minus the kajal because admit it, it’s not even makeup and I was ready to hog fashionably. See for yourself.








See, how a basic, simple maxi when accessorized becomes a whole outfit. You can get this outfit in Tamara,Chennai. Check their instagram page for more collections :


Hope you liked this short post. Let me know if you would like to read such stuff on a weekly basis.


Until then



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