Peachy Vibes ft Maalgaadi

This is not just any other blog post. This particular post is quite special to me. It is the result of an impromptu idea which occurred over a Coffee date with my girls. Starting with just accompanying each other to events, fashion shows and shopping, my relationship with these girls have grown stronger as days passed by and now it’s come to a happy point where we are inseparable.

I am talking about my girls of course. Rutika Saraf from myfashionconfession and Priyadarshini Vijay from highonstyl and I have a lot in common, the strongest one being the love for fashion. We just love dressing up. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to come together in a post showing you girls how to stay fashionable yet comfortable this summer. We collaborated with a multi designer luxury store called Maalgaadi located in Besant Nagar, Chennai and boy, did we have some fun. See for yourself



We didn’t exactly want to color coordinate but wanted to have a similar tone in our outfits. We decided on Peachy tones and let ourselves loose. Our styles are SO different. Priya is all about Casual& comfort whereas Rutika is a tomboy in disguise( She would agree too). It was great seeing all our styles amalgamating like a perfect love song and we were 100% satisfied with our looks.






For my individual look, I stayed true to my style. A side slit white and peach maxi was more than enough to scream stylish and I just needed to complete the look with white sneakers. Minimal accessories or no accessories is preferred for a subtle feel but if you want to go all out, who is stopping you?



There, you have it. A perfect Sunday brunch with my ladies! If you want to read the inspiration behind Rutika’s look, click @rutikasaraf and @highonstyl for Priyadarshini’s look. Let me know if you would like to see us collaborate more, we would just be more than happy to.

I would also like to thank Santhosh and Vignesh from Virtuoso Studios ( ) for clicking some kickass photographs. DO Follow their page to see more of their work.


Until next time


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