‘Pastastic’ – The Leela Palace

Pasta is my most frequently ordered dish in any Italian/Multi cuisine restaurant. Just for the creaminess of the sauce, the smooth texture of the Pasta and the Visually appealing presentation, Pasta always hits a home run for me. You tell me, if one of the best star properties in Chennai has a festival celebrating Pastas and the art of serving them, would you even think twice?

Spectra, an award winning restaurant in The Leela Palace Chennai is celebrating a festival named – Pasta Speciali till end of May’ 17 where the Chef and his team would be presenting some exquisite handcrafted pastas on your table . I had been to Spectra a couple of times and always returned with amazing memories of those hand crafted Pastas and I was more than excited to try this one too.

I was presented with a specially curated menu where I could choose my favorites. While I wanted to gobble upon the whole menu starting with main course, I behaved (acted) like a sophisticated lady and went for drinks first.


While the majority made use of the fact that Leela Palace got exempted from the Liquor ban, I  still stuck to my classic Virgin Mojito. Simple, clean and a perfect palate cleanser.

We started our celebrations with a Gnocchi A La Caprese. Gnocchi is quintessentially soft dough dumplings. Chef Dharmen Makawana, the executive Chef of The Leela Palace, Chennai wooed us with his techniques and plating. Basil Pesto & Cherry Tomatoes went well with the Pan seared Gnocchi and gave a great kick start to Pasta Speciali.



For a common man, Pasta is divided into three varieties – White, red and green. Well, Leela ain’t for the common man, right? The leela offered numerous varieties of Pasta in their menu and we were spoilt with choices. Me being me, I went with the classics.

Aglio e Olio

Angel hair ‘ aglio olio e pepperoncino’ might be a complicated name but extremely simple and neat when it came to the taste. Thin yummy Spaghetti tossed with some Garlic, chilli, extra virgin olive oil and some freshly picked Parsley from their garden sure woes your taste buds and gets you groovin’.



Home made Tagliatelle

When it said ‘ Home made’, I was taken aback. We were served with the Softest Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes and pine nuts to give that oomph.



Smoked Eggplant tortellini

It said Tomato Fondue and I had to have it. My favourite out of the bunch, it had a burst of flavours with every bite and I finished it in no time. Highly recommended



Pasta Speciali is a festival not to be missed by the Pasta Fanatics. They have curated 10 signature dishes, equally catering to the vegetarians and non vegetarians, all available a la carte. Book your table right away, as it’s on till May 30, 2017 only.


Book via : 044-33661234

Happy Eating!

Until next time



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