A book lover’s happiness – Fictioncrate

For someone who doesn’t limit themselves to a particular genre or author and open to reading any new interesting book every month, you got your fix.  FICTIONCRATE ( https://fictioncrate.com/ ) is the first Indian book subscription portal which sends you a top selling book every month. You might think, that’s quite normal, eh? They stand out from their peers by sending goodies, tshirts along with your book. This company revolves around Surprises and who doesn’t like surprises?

I received a box from them, all neat and intact. It was the premium box worth Rs. 699/- which consisted of a Surprise book and a surprise tshirt.




YES! THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10! This book brought back memories, as I had read it during my solo trip to Bangalore for an office conference. Thriller at it’s peak, this quite got me the chills and it was great to see this book in my box. A tshirt which says, ‘a book a day keeps reality away’ is just pure genius. A cute little bookmark completed this box and I was so satisfied with April’s subscription box.

This box makes a brilliant birthday gift as well. Since I had the joy of reading Ruth Ware’s beauty already, I gifted the whole box to my close friend whom I know will freak out (in a happy way) and she did. That sight was indeed blissful.


If you think this concept is intriguing and you want to order the June Subscription box, here is what you do ;

step 1 :  go to https://fictioncrate.com/

Step 2 : Choose the monthly plan. My suggestion is to go with the CLASSIC for a month and then move on to premium in the future.

step 3 : Pay and wait for your surprise to arrive at your door step


I would like to appreciate Mr. Karthik, the founder of Fictioncrate for coming up with such an innovative idea. I would like to wish him all the very best and request him to keep coming up with innovative plans for the website.


Hope you found this short post useful! If you did, comment below with your thoughts. See you soon.


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