Buy Global ft Forum Vijaya Mall

Honestly, I am 98% unhappy about the Chennai Summer. This scorching sun just neutralizes everything fun, except…. SHOPPING! Quite expected from me, eh? The remaining 2% of my happiness comes from roaming around Forum Vijaya Mall from morning till evening, trying to find that perfect summer dress for my imaginary Goa trip. I decided to try it again this year and it was a blast. What’s even more fun? My buddy, Rutika bumped into me and we just went crazy shopping!






I collaborated with Forum mall and Global desi to find outfits which aren’t over the top but extremely casual and comfortable. The Manager from this particular outlet was extremely friendly and got me EXACTLY what I wanted. I kinda went crazy trying out of a bunch of looks in the stores itself. See for yourself:



I had a budget of Rs.5000 and I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend a penny more (because I am perennially broke). I managed to buy a dress, a top and a bag from GLOBAL DESI within my budget and created two easy, breezy looks to show you.

Look 1 : Casual is key


pic 5




This off shoulder white top priced at Rs. 1799/- from Global desi gives a casual vibe and is perfect for College, movie dates or just for hanging out in the mall. I finished this look with a ripped denim from Zara and a boho sling bag from Global Desi priced at Rs. 1499/-.

Look no 2 : Fly High





I saw this beauty for Rs.2499/- and I FELL IN LOVE. Unfortunately, it was not in my size. Catching my sulky facial expression, the sales person in this outlet immediately asked whether I was ready to wait for an hour or two. I was confused. They asked me to roam around the mall and in an hour, I get a call saying that they had gotten my size. This shows their dedication and I somehow loved this part of my day.


Coming to styling, I decided to let the dress do the talking. Perfect for those summer brunch dates, I finished this look with a pair of white sneakers from Nine west.


There you have it, my two favourite looks from Global Desi’s summer collection. Do comment below if you enjoyed this post and let me know your favorite look out of the two. Do Follow Forum’s fb page ( click here ) and Instagram page ( CLICK HERE)  to keep you updated with all the offers and news..


Until then


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