No more ‘Paneer samaj ke Kha Ja’

Chennai is a city that welcomes vegetarians with open arms. It caters to both the hardcore meat lovers and the calm herbivores BUT NOT under one roof. That’s where Phoenix Market city, velacherry, Chennai stands out. It not only has stand alone pure vegetarian restaurants but also has multi cuisine restaurants serving delicious vegetarian dishes amongst their signature meat delicacies. I am going to list 4 of my favourite eateries in Phoenix which surprisingly has AMAZING vegetarian dishes…BRING IT ON!





Sorry for being so stereotypical but when you say Punjab, the 3 immediate words which comes to your mind are – DAARU, BUTTERCHICKEN and LASSI.  Being a restaurant famous for their meat, Punjab grill managed to impress me with Veg Kurkuri, Dal Punjab Grill, Garlic Naan and their majestic Tandoor platter. 



Not only the impeccable taste, their art of plating was very classy and I must say that I was extremely satisfied with my experience.

Special offers : Weekday buffet for Rs 595+ taxes



I had an opportunity to recently dine with Mamagoto to preview their new HAWKERS HALL menu. Standing true to its name, it had a wide spread of street food, especially a lot of vegetarian options.  They Indianised the whole concept with this clever dish called Thai Puchka, which is basically a Thai flavoured Pani puri. A bite of the Phuchkas and you are in Thailand.


Rice Pancakes was another interesting dish on their menu. It was quite a delight, thanks to its spicy flavours ( Blame my Indian tongue) and it’s highly recommended.





Nando’s? Seriously!!!? I mean, how can someone even utter the word in that particular restaurant! Well, Im here to break that myth. Nando’s might be a chicken lovers’ paradise but they have a whole menu dedicated to us vegetarians. Yes, you heard me! While Hummus, Pita with Peri peri drizzle is a frequent order, I was intrigued to try their brand new mushroom and Paneer burger ( WHICH HAS PANEER AS THE PATTY) and their quinoe salad.




Special offers/news : Special menu launch from May end.




Last but definitely not the least, ID my favourite place in the mall to sit, relax and have a cup of Filter Coffee. Well, ID needs NO introduction as they have already set their benchmark in quality south Indian food. My usual orders are APPAM & STEW but the Chef decided to surprise me with Podi dosa, medu vadai and Kesari. There is something man. Something in that crispy dosa sprinkled with podi dipped in piping hot and spicy sambar which makes me want to come again and again.


Imagine yourself with a hot cup of Filter Coffee with generous amount of shopping bags occupying the opposite chair as your date. Heavenly right? Well, That is usually how my phoenix market city expedition  ends and I would like it to be yours as well. Why? Filter Coffee, that’s why.




That’s my pick! Do you want to add more? Comment below and let me know if you want me to write more of these listicles. Oh and I have also VLOGGED about my gastronomical journey in Phoenix market city . Click the link to watch it –


Make sure to follow Phoenix market city here to get updates on their events,sales and videos



Until then, Happy eating






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