A mini Spa experience at home ft Bottled Bliss

Well, hello there! Good to see you all after a pretty long time. My website needed a quick renovation and I had to give it some rest. But now, I am back with a bang….with truck loads of useful posts and useless rants.

If you followed me in Social media platforms, especially Instagram, you would have realized that I had been quite busy last month. My weekdays were dedicated to Office and I went all out with my blog work, photo shoots and events during the weekend. Hence, I hardly got time to myself. I desperately needed ME-TIME. That’s when I came across this extremely innovative skin care brand called BOTTLED BLISS and decided to indulge myself in some natural goodness.

They sent me a pretty looking Spa hamper. Ah, just What I needed, right? The hamper had Foot scrubs, Foot Soaks, Face scrubs, Face packs, Face cleansers, Lip balms which were all 100% natural. Before I start reviewing how the products felt on my skin, I need to take this moment to appreciate the packaging. Extremely aesthetic, this hamper would make THE perfect BIRTHDAY/BRIDAL/RAKHI/SELF PAMPERING gift.





I tried this hamper every Sunday for the past month before I got down to writing this review. I exhausted the products completely and secretly wish it gets refilled soon ( Bottled bliss, you get the hint 😉 ? )

The Skin Polishing face pack is a clear winner because it stuck to what the label said. It Instantly made my face extremely soft and my skin actually glowed.



Tip : Instead of making a paste with water, use Aloe vera Gel. It gives better results. You can get pure aloe vera gel from Organic stores and super markets. From Pathanjali to Forest Essentials, you get them anywhere..but in different price range.


For the scrubs, I stuck to using them only in my knees, elbows and legs since it was too harsh on my otherwise sensitive face. The Sugar granules present in the scrubs act as a brilliant exfoliator but if you scrub it too hard, there is a possibility of break outs.



So if you have a sensitive skin, stick to the dry elbows and knees. They work like magic.


I am not exaggerating when I am writing this but I could almost feel my leg thanking me for the mini self pedicure that I’ve been giving it every week. The Spice burst foot soak in a bucket of Hot water is all I needed after driving almost 40 kms from office.



The Lemon grass foot scrub had a comforting smell and the sugar granules gave my hard and dry sole ( No pun intended) a refreshing makeover. My legs felt soft, smooth and crack free.

Last but not the least, the green Tea and Basil cleanser has become my latest addiction. The Aroma, the extremely subtle scrubbing particles and the kick ass combination of Green Tea and Basil made my skin bright, fresh and soft. Need I say more?



Thus, my Mini Spa session with Bottled Bliss comes to an end. Thank you, Bottled Bliss. I had an amazing experience with these products and I would recommend this to my readers. Please contact Bottled bliss over  Facebook and Instagram to order your favorite products. Also get a consultation on products based on Skin type, allergies, sensitivity before finalising the purchase.


I really hope that you found this post useful. You will see more of me, I promise.


Until next time



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