National Handloom day

I grew up in a country away from the beautiful Indian culture, the way of living, the art of dressing and the joy of eating. Very recently, I came across different Indian fabrics, techniques and I started studying it religiously. Handloom was something that stuck to my head. As you know, no other country can beat India when it comes to the rich Hand loom, weaves and handicrafts. It was so intriguing to learn about how different Artisans put their heart, mind and time into making a single piece of garment for us ladies to flaunt in a process called as hand weaving.

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While there are different kinds of materials like Ikat, Kalamkari, Chirala, Maheshwari hand woven into perfection,  a hand woven Kanchivaram saree remains close to any Indian girl’s heart. A saree cannot be termed as just a piece of garment to wrap around your body. A saree has a special bond with any girl and it’s important to appreciate the story behind each one of it.

On that note, Tulsi silks celebrated their Handloom day 2017 with an exquisite event which I was honored to be a part of. Santosh Parekh, the master mind behind the unanimously loved Tulsi silks put up an exhibit to reinforce the fact the Sarees are like wine. As time passes, it becomes richer and priceless.


This initiative of Tulsi silks is to bring forth the diminishing tradition of Weaving and Kanchipuram weavers. The Sarees presented in front of us were nothing less than an art and were as old as my mother. Yes! The 40-50 year old sarees had different stories to share and were voiced out by none other than Mr. Parekh.





Various Saree aficionados, noted celebrities and extremely respected designers adorned this event along with this young, clueless little 22 year old girl with pure love for Indian fabrics. While I was busy fan girling over the 50 year old masterpieces ( I meant Sarees), here s a glimpse of a few celebrities who were indeed the accessories of the evening.

Sudha Ragunathan in the middle of an interview


Actress Jothika walked in like an angel with this Cream Kanjivaram saree with a contrasting silk blouse completed with a killer smile.


This has to be documented. Pose away

As you clearly know by now that I am a HUGE FAN of Handloom, heres a small interpretation of how a modern young girl would incorporate her handlooms into everyday wear. Here, I am Wearing a Kanjivaram saree from none other than Tulsi silks. I decided to pair it up with another one of my favourites – A krishna-Radha printed Kalamkari blouse picked up from a different store.

Thanks to Thalapathy from POINT BLACK STUDIOS for clicking some breath taking photos and Nandhini from Miss Chuckle for dolling me up.









I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing about this. I am truly proud of our own artisans and the art of Hand loom. Let’s support this art and never let it diminish.

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