Be the best dressed kid on the block

Fashion is an expression of yourself and its something that has to come from within. Being a fashion blogger, I don’t get the license to tell you guys what to wear (or) not wear and definitely not judge the way you dress. All I can do is help those confused souls out there to find their way of expressing their character via clothes and that’s what I am going to do right now via my blog.

Recently, I collaborated with one of Chennai’s best malls – Phoenix Market city. I joined hands with my best buddy, Priyadharshini (@highonstyl) and we explored the mall together. We went to almost 8-9 stores together, learnt about their latest collection, trends and inspiration and put together 2 looks each for you. Each store had unique elements in them and I hope through the below series, you get an idea of how Fashion has performed this August. Also, I have mentioned my tips and tricks on what to buy from each store for you people, especially you college – goers.




College _1

Aeropostale is my GO-TO store for extremely casual t shirts. Their quality is SO GOOD that you can wear them over and over again. ( Hostelers, I feel you). Their denim collection is also quite affordable and who can say no to a perfect pair of blue jeans?



College _9

Veromoda is a brilliant choice for those dressier days. Say you are going out for a movie with your college friends or it’s just one of those days, where you feel like a princess, Veromoda is there for you!

College _7

This particular denim jacket cum shirt immediately caught my attention. I strongly believe that a denim jacket must be in everyone’s closet. I am telling you, on those I-HAVE-NOTHING-TO-WEAR days, this jacket is going to be a savior.


Seriously? GAS? for College students? I know that we don’t get enough pocket money to invest on a pair of denim for 8k to 10k but you need them. Keeping that in mind, I would suggest in investing on a good pair of jeans from GAS since it’s going to last you FOREVER.

College _23



I swear I stopped buying from Forever 21 during school/college times because everyone used to wear the same damn thing! But it’s not the same for ONLY. ONLY has plethora of choices and you will get spoiled with choices, I am telling you. I suggest you to buy their military prints this season. You are totally going to look bad ass!

College _14



Again GAP? SERIOUSLY? HAVE YOU FASHION BLOGGERS LOST YOUR MIND? Before jumping into conclusions, stop and think. What if I told that you get tops starting from Rs.499! Yesss…now we are talking. Gap is a casual brand and I recommend you guys to buy a statement hoodie from them. It’s going to again become your savior on the days where you are running late to work/college. Just throw on a hoodie and forget what the world thinks.

College _17

College _21

The two looks I curated and created from different stores are very youth centric aka appropriate for the College Goers. I decided to keep it simple yet funky and wearable. It’s something that today’s youth can wear outside on a date/movie/parties and even colleges.


Denim on dress

Mature, feminine yet fun, this outfit can be worn on a brunch date with your college buddies, events, symposiums etc

College _25


College _28


Details :

Dress – Aeropostale

Denim jacket – Veromoda

bags and shoes – Steve madden



Something similar that you can easily wear to a college, movies etc



Shirt – ONLY

Denim – GAS

Sneakers – Steve Madden

Backpack – Steve madden


I hope you liked reading this post and found it useful enough to revamp your fall 2017 outfits. Do let me know if you need any help. Check out my VLOG with them here :


Thanks Phoenix market city Chennai for helping me create this content for my readers.


Until next time




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