Madras day

A big city alongside the bay of Bengal named Chennai which smells like Filter Kaapi in the morning and beach Sundal in the evening welcomes a teenager with high expectations but mixed emotions. She didn’t like it at all. She didn’t fit in, she thought. But four years later, She names her blog – MADE IN CHENNAI.

Chennai is not just a city. It’s home. ‘vandharai Vazhaveikkum ooru’ isn’t just a proverb. It reflects what Chennai truly is. The comfort level, the hospitable people, the rich culture, the simple joy of speaking Tamil and the lip smacking food can never be replaced by a luxurious money minting job in a different country. I am an NRI and I stand by my previous statement . From Rayars mess to ITC Grand Chola, from Saravana Stores to High end malls, it satisfies everyone and that’s our city for you.

Madras ( Chennai) is celebrating its 378 th Birthday today, August 22nd 2017 and the joyous people have been celebrating the whole Madras week with a lot of festivals, sight seeing, shopping and movies. Leading brands have also joined the Bandwagon and are offering major discounts on their products. ASHVITA DESIGN STUDIO located in Ashvita Bistro, Alwarpet and Ashvita Nirvana, Besant nagar is already showering Chennai with a lot of discounts and prizes. Their store screams youth, quirk, vibrant and colourful and they have launched their CHENNAI/MADRAS themed Merchandise.

They have Madras themed merchandise for 25% off till today and here’s what I am talking about.











All the products I am carrying are from ASHVITA DESIGN STUDIO available in Ashvita Bistro, Alwarpet and Ashvita Nirvana, Besant nagar. If you are planning to get a madras souvenir or just want to show off ‘MADRAS; in your everyday outfit, ASHVITA is a great choice, in fact the only choice. They have 25% discounts on all the products TODAY so hurry up.

Thanks Ashvita Design studio for letting my buddy @rutikasaraf and I work together. It was fun Collaborating with you guys. Also, Thanks to @anitakamaraj for clicking such brilliant photographs. And to you, my readers, A very happy Madras Day!


Remember, I am MADE IN CHENNAI!


Until Next time





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