What’s a #perfectsangam?

Sangam (translate: Combination) is a part and parcel of our life. What do you think is your definition of a #perfectsangam? Well, I have two. One is ME – The Modern Madras girl.  I am fierce, bold, modern yet rooted to my tradition, culture and state. I can rock a t-shirt and denim, the same way I carry a kanchivaram silk saree. I adorn myself with both Tattoos and Mehendi. I can munch on a crispy masala dosa in the day and gobble up a five Cheese layered Pizza in the night. I am a Modern Madras girl – A girl with the perfect Sangam of Tradition and Modernism.

pc : Adhithya Sankar


pc : Akshaya @poo.stories



  The Next definition of a Perfect Sangam would be – Colgate Swarna Vedshakti. Colgate is a      household brand and is trusted by most of the population including me. I was extremely happy to receive their new toothpaste and learn about their ingredients and process to help consumers overcome Teeth and gum problems.




Ingredients play a major role in any concoction. The main components used in the new Colgate Swarna Vedshakti are Tulsi, Clove, Neem, Honey, Amla.

Tulsi is scientifically proven to fight Bad breath. Neem, also called as the Wonder Leaf has been extensively used in our homes to avoid bacterial infections in babies. Here, Neem is a key ingredient helps prevent gum bleeding. Clove! How can we forget Clove! Clove has been used all over India especially the southern regions not only in the kitchen but also for Oral hygiene.


Oh! I just remembered that my Paati (Grandmother) used to make a paste of Tulsi and Neem and make me brush with it when I was a kid. We also used to suck on a piece of Clove in case of tooth pain. This just shows that this tooth paste, as it claims is indeed Ved aur Gyaan ka Perfect Sangam. 





If you were following me on Instagram, you would have realized that I had opened up a beautiful looking package. It was the New Colgate  Swarna Vedshakti tooth paste. The packaging was neat and presentable. A brownish paste which had a burst of Clove in them smelt fantastic Oh! It tasted delicious too. ( Please comment below if you like to taste Tooth paste )

I used it for a good 10 days and felt immediate improvement in my Oral Hygiene. The mouth felt fresher, the teeth stronger and it was an absolutely pleasant experience. Priced at 49 rupees, You can get it in retail stores across the country. To know more about the product, visit : http://www.colgate.co.in/en/in/oc/products/toothpaste/colgate-swarna-vedshakti. 

You can buy the product : https://www.amazon.in/Colgate-Swarna-Vedshakti-Toothpaste-200-g/dp/B0755GY5LN/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506779190&sr=8-1&keywords=swarna+vedshakti&tag=swarnavedshakti_subhiksha_review_oct17-21


 Hope you liked my version of #perfectsangam. What’s yours? Comment below.




Ps : This is a sponsored collaboration but the views remain genuine. I completely recommend this product to you all.

 Hope you liked this.

Until Next time


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