Hi, Tea!

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who worship Chai and those who don’t. This post is dedicated to the awesome half of the people –  The Masala Chai aficionados. This gloomy yet soothing weather reminded me of a recent trip which I took to Desi Klub, a pure vegetarian restaurant in Chennai to try their high tea menu. Hot tea, Pakodas, Chaat and pure pure bliss indeed.

Located near Lady Andal School, this place attracts a lot of crowd. It’s always better to call up and reserve this quirky little place during weekends since you don’t want to be waiting to bite on that heavenly Maska Pav and the baked buns and the…ok coming to that later.


High Tea menu

I had visited their place previously to taste their regular lunch menu ( Click here to read about my experience) and went home with a happy tummy. The expectations were sky high, thanks to the wonderful first impression. The Maska Pav was indeed the BEST…ok coming to that later. Let’s talk about the hero of the day – The beverages. Of course, I had to choose a Masala Chai. I was served a Cutting pudhina masala Chai and Parle G to accompany. The Masala chai was SO SO good that I went into a zen mode and the Maska Pav woke me up. Can you stop with the Maska bun already?



The Tambrahm in me wanted to give some love to my Coffee too. I had a tumbler of piping hot coffee with some hot hot pakodas. Well, what a combination!



The Snakes ( read:snacks)

How Can you NOT indulge in some oily goodness with a hot tea on a rainy day. We were served a lot of yummy munchies and Imma share some with ya’ll.

Baked Vada Pav

The filling was stuffed inside the bun and was generously baked. While some of them found it amazing, a few were disappointed with the ‘Case of missing filling’. yikes. Nevertheless, the lucky ones had a gala time.



Sabudhana Vada

Well, I am not a fan of extremely Oily food and this was just that. A completely subjective experience for sure. Lesser oil content and maybe a spicy Chutney would have made this dish much much better, in my opinion.



Sev Puri

Sev puri was a simple, clean and a crisp dish with innovative plating. It felt easy on the Stomach and complemented the concept very well.



Papad Bhel

To be very honest, it was one of the best that I’ve had in any restaurant. (Not considering any road side shops/ shops in Sowcarpet). Extremely light and it burst in your mouth. Loved it.



Khanda Bajji

Again brownie points for their innovative display. Nothing so fancy in terms of taste, it was a plain old Onion Pakoda. It surprisingly went very well with my Coffee rather than tea



This post was literally like an award show. Saving up the Best hero category for the last. Yes, the hero of the show and the dish which made me want to pen down my experience – THE MASKA PAV.



Extremely simple and PLAIN DELICIOUS!!!!! It’s quintessentially a soft, sweet bun with white cream filling topped with generous amount of butter. The Potato chips neutralizes the sweet and makes your day. THIS IS A MUST TRY.


overall, Desi Klub in Chetpet, Chennai is one of a very few restaurants in Chennai which serves pure vegetarian food but in such an innovative way. They have put a lot of efforts in terms of ambience, plating, food and it shows. I would like to wish them all the very best and I’M COMING BACK FOR THE MASKA PAV!

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