5 ways to take care of your skin

Studies show that 88% of any skin related problems get solved if your body hygiene is good. That means you have to pamper your body like how you would on your Face and Hair. I have seen my peers spend a bomb for hair and face products but completely neglect bath stuff. Well, you don’t have to follow a huge routine or anything! Just Simple old tips and you are good to go. I am no beauty expert nor is my skin perfect, but these are few steps I take in the journey to attain a good, healthy skin. Well, get in the back seat and Join the trip, will ya?



Oiling your body is as important as oiling your hair. Oiling your body at least once a week will ensure that your body gets the food it deserves and will give a superficial glow in the long run.

So, to be very honest, I predominantly use Parachute Oil ( Priced at 60 rupees) on the regular days and for a bath before a nice dinner or before a long day of shoot, I swear by the Bodyshop Rainforest Oil ( priced approximately 2000 rupees). I apply the oil all over, massage gently and leave it overnight. I Wash it off with my body cleanser, the next morning.




The Saviour – VETIVER SCRUB.  Use the natural body scrub made of Vetiver which you get in Ayurvedic store/Health and Glow/Boots for like 50 rupees and that’s going to be more efficient than all the fancy Body polish and what not! The trick to attain that baby soft skin is to apply soap all over your body and use the natural scrub to give a ROUGH SCRUB for at least 5-6 minutes and then wash it off. Time is the key here. Don’t over scrub else it will damage your skin. 5 minutes is a decent scrubbing time.

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Found one online : Click here



This is THE most important step for a healthy, clean and soft skin. A good soap/body wash will determine the quality of your skin. For almost a year, I have switched to 100% natural bath products and it has made my skin better for sure. I will blindly recommend you to a brand called Forest Essentials since it has been wonderful and only wonderful to me. That comes with a heavy price tag too.

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If you want to go for a 100% natural bath product but on the affordable side, you MUST try Sugar Plum Soap Co. I have had the opportunity to try this brand for almost 3 months now. I was fortunate enough to try atleast 10 of their samples and I am telling you, they are SO GOOD. For just 80 rupees, they give you Chemical free bath. Also, their Soaps are like wine. They get better with time. Since I tried so many of their products, I am going to list my top 4 below

Sandalwood and turmeric is nature’s best and the combination of these both only result in goodness. It made my skin bright and spots diminished drastically


MY FAVOURITE! My bathroom smells like a bed of roses. Totally recommend this for Normal-dry skin


If you have Oily skin, this is for you!! I used it during ‘those days’ when my skin tends to get oily and its a saviour


Well, this one is adorable. Makes a creative, affordable gift for your friends. My favourite is the peppermint one





Please don’t be the kind that has a bath once a week! Oh and please don’t be the one who bathes twice or thrice a day! Yes, you heard it right! I am not being lazy but it is an absolute waste to clean your body twice or thrice a day unless you are coming from a Soap football match. Vigorous cleaning only opens up the space in your body for the germs to enter the body and that isn’t good now, is it? Showering once a day, everyday is Ideal and good for your skin to breathe.



Following the four steps above is going to give you a good bath experience but post bath maintenance is going to give you the happy ending! Buy a good moisturizing lotion/body butter depending on your skin type and always ensure to apply it after a bath. This will ensure to retain the moisture in your body and make it soft and shiny. I use the Bengal Tuberose body lotion from Forest essentials and it has been super kind to my body. If you want to go for a cheaper one, I would shamelessly recommend Johnson’s baby lotion for normal to combination skin and Nivea body butter for dry skin.



So yes! These are my small tips for a healthier, squeaky clean and soft skin. These are all my views and what works for me. No brand has influenced me to write anything in my post.


Hope you liked it! Please let me know what you would like to read next

Until then






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