Wharf 2.0

Overlooking the thin stretch of Mamallapuram beach, the submerged Shore temples and the Tsunami survived Majestic Pallava Shore temple, lies a breezy resort named Radisson Blu – The Temple Bay. I have been a regular to this property for its impeccable ambience, water sport activities and their exquisite breakfast spread. However, being a vegetarian, their restaurant Wharf didn’t satisfy a vegetarian’s soul like me. I always preferred dining in their other restaurant – Water Edge Cafe. Fortunately, I came to know that Wharf is getting upgraded to Wharf 2.0! Whaaaat? ‘I am Waiting’!



A couple of like-minded food bloggers took an hour-long from the city to reach this massive property. A Shuttle took us to Wharf 2.0 and we felt like an enthusiastic tourist excited to see a mind-blowing monument. Wharf 2.0 isn’t a Monument but definitely Mind blowing! The place was quite familiar to me since I had dined there at least 4-5 times but it still felt new. There was not only a change in their food but also their interiors. They went for a funky, quirky feel ( Oh, the new trend I tell you) with their chairs, walls and even their cutlery.

Their brand new menu is inspired by the five elements of earth and we started our journey with the element water – Cocktails.

Big wave, Sun kissed, Beach Punch and Hurricane

My personal order was the Sun kissed and the name justified the taste. Unanimously voted the best drink of the day, it got over in less than no time. The Other drinks were also extremely tasty but the taste differed from person to person.

The Chefs had curated a special menu for us. My review is going to be surely based on that experience alone.

Amuse bouche

Our Amuse bouche were these rice balls which precisely tasted like namma ooru Arisi Upma. Tasted a bit ordinary hence judged the other dishes to follow as well but I was SO wrong! I was in for a treat and so are you….visual treat of course.



We were served a Thai matcha green soup. I had a bitter experience with Matcha before so was so hesitant to try it. BUT OH MY OH MY! It tasted delicious. I guess we need to thank the generous butter which floated on top of the soap.


Aloo Shakarkhand ki Chilgoza ki tikki inspired from the Element EARTH is a dish made of Sweet potato. Even though, the sweet potato isn’t everyones favourite, the delicious array of chutneys neutralized the sweetness and gave a good kick-start.


Bhutte aur Gajar ki Sheek again was a sweet dish. However, the Chutney did it again! They balanced the dish so well.


Main Course

The Non vegetarians had a lot more to enjoy. I was happy to settle down with the classics. A fresh garlic naan with some buttery Dal Makhani was a match made in heaven.



We were presented with the most exquisite looking dessert ever. First of all, Kudos to the presentation. Secondly, big claps for the unique concept and lastly, bows for the MIND BLOWING TASTE! Presenting one of the best dessert that I’ve tasted in recent times, the Turmeric and Palm Jaggery Mousse


Thus, our roller coaster came to an end. The shuttle carried our happy tummies back to the lobby and we left super satisfied. This is Wharf 2.0 and I totally recommend. Also, when you come to Radisson blu Temple bay as a walk in guest, make sure to enjoy their Catamaran rides ( approx 800 rupees per head) , Cycling and their infinity pool.

Hope you liked the post

See you soon


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