Brown Buttered…by the bay

What happens when two of Chennai’s most celebrated Chefs collaborate to present a four course meal? And What happens when it’s presented with the view of the starry sky and sound of the pleasant waves? Prime happens. Deepika Rajadas, the mastermind behind Madras Gourmet society comes up with Prime, an one day event happening on the 24th of November in VGP resort where she has managed to pull in two of the busiest Chefs- Chef Mathangi of That Madras place and Chef Shriram of the TABLE to whip up some heavenly goodness.


We attended their press meet where we were fortunate enough to experience PRIME in a minuscule level. If this was minuscule, we wonder how extravagant the event would be.



Our Gastronomical journey started with a Hot Carrot soup with freshly squeezed coconut cream. The Coconut cream did it for us. The richness in that cream reflected in the whole dish and we finished it off in a swish..On the day, there would also be an alternate cold Avocado and tomato soup served. The Combination seems interesting and something that we’ve never tasted in Chennai. And we’ve been to a lot of restaurants. Just saying!



We moved on to the Starters (Tapas in the fine dining dictionary). On the day of the event, they would be serving 8 short eats! You heard it right, EIGHT! The Value for money part would be justified here.


We were taken on a short trip to’ That madras place’ with the Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella flat bread. Chef Mathangi’s touch was evident in this dish and we ain’t complaining! It was BLOODY BRILLIANT. The Non vegetarians were ‘high’ on Tequila infused prawns drizzled with pineapple salsa. Their raving made one of us pure vegetarians to even consider taking a teeny bite but somehow resisted after we got the next plate.



While some of us were tummy full, the aromatic Pumpkin Risotto tempted us to make space in our otherwise full (happy) tummy. It is definitely a subjective taste as some of us couldn’t fathom the marvelous detailing and flavors that was put into making this dish while the others thought the brown butter overpowered the whole dish. To one it’s own! Maybe, you should just try it for yourself and join your desired team, isn’t?



People say that desserts hit your heart directly ( no pun intended). This did. We were wrong when we used to mention the phrase,’Burst of flavors’ for other desserts until we tried this.  Almost baked Chocolate slice with a Salted caramel ice cream with a generous drizzle of Raspberry coulis was JUST. OMG! OK now we want this! Ah. Why do you do this to us, Prime?



We are SO excited to experience the real deal on November 24th in By the bay, VGP for dinner. Book your slots right away :


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