Chap Chay 2.0

I generally avoid going to restaurants that serve Asian food. Quite a blunt statement to begin a blog post, isn’t? Yes, I was always a Pizza person until I got an opportunity to dine in Chap Chay, a restaurant located in The Raintree Hotel, Alwarpet. I was quite skeptical to even try them out but after a push from one of my friend who is a huge fan, I decided to try and it was THE BEST DECISION EVER.


Chap Chay was a restaurant that always trended on Social media with brilliant ratings in Zomato and other similar apps but it remained a mystery to me. I went with a blank canvas inside and calm oriental music with a mild scent of lemon grass invited me. I was mesmerized by the simplicity of the whole place and sat in awe to actually experience what’s in store for me and a few other food bloggers who gave me company that day.



While others ordered Mock tails, I stuck to their signature Jasmine Tea. The flower blooms inside the transparent tea pot and after a good five minutes, you are good to go. with a very light taste of Jasmine, this drink was indeed a soothing start to our lunch.



When we were so ready to start off, this aromatic, piping hot Cantonese vegetable Wonton soup came over. One sip of this and I knew that Chap chay was going to get a 5/5 from me. Ah, how wonderful! The flavours were just perfect and is best enjoyed when relished slowly while figuring out the n number of ingredients that go into this soul food.


Six different types of Dumplings were served next. Again, I assumed that the veg dumplings would be a sad compensation to their non vegetarian varieties but I WAS SO WRONG. Each vegetarian dumplings were handcrafted with such minimal details and I am SO SURE that a lot of thought had definitely gone to it to create one. The Edamame and Cheese dumplings called as WOTIF and the veg Schezwan dumplings were a few favourites.



Another vegetable starter – Crispy Lotus stem stole the limelight from it’s non vegetarian counterparts. It was so crispy and unlike other Lotus stem dishes that I had tasted in other Thai restaurants, this one didn’t have that weird bitterness.


The Main course came in next and were all the usuals. Jasmine rice, Thai green curry, noodles etc. It was sure tasty but it wasn’t unique like their other dishes.



Immense respect was created for the Chef when desserts started coming in. No one…I mean NO ONE in their bloody damn mind would even picture the words Green Tea and yummy in a single sentence but Look what they made me do! Warm, gooey Chocolate Lava cake and the yummiest Green tea ice cream STOLE THE SHOW and set a new level for their competitors to match up to. The Coconut cream and water chestnuts was another dessert which tasted SO GOOD but wasn’t very innovative like their previous ones.





And that was the end of a wonderful lunch. Remember, I said that I went in with a blank canvas? Well, now I say that Chap Chay is the best asian restaurant in a star property so they sure must have impressed me right? Try it for yourself and let me know how you liked it.






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