The Big Indian circus

What comes to your mind when you hear the word,’Circus‘ ? Colours, clowns, elephants, hyper, creative, fun and I can finish off the word limit of this blog post with just words to describe Circus. But what to do…that’s how much I used to love them. Back when I was a little girl, Appa used to carry me on his shoulder and take me to a particular Circus in Chennai. It was like a magic land. So quirky and colourful just like our very own virtual circus – India Circus by Krsna Mehta.

I am a HUGE fan of krsna. There is a particular restaurant in Chennai which is designed by him and I go there monthly once…not for the food but to admire his designs. When I came to know that he had an online portal through which he and his team designed numerous products from Mobile phone cases to bags, Umbrellas, Cushions and other home accessories, I went crazy. Before India Circus approached me to try out their stuff, I already owned half of the website and through this post, I am going to talk about my top 5 favorite products from ( it’s a task, but I’ll control and choose just 5)

1. Elephant Motif Back pack


This is a piece of art, I tell you. A small black backpack with such colorful and intricate neon detailing of elephants and Signature patch work is my most favorite India Circus owned piece.


2. Bring on the Tissue paper


This bad boy becomes a hero when we are on a girl’s night in and watch a Karan Johar’s film. Apart from being so useful, it instantly makes a boring space in your home colourful and trendy, doesn’t it?


3. My Saviour kit – Travel pouch


This pouch is my travel partner. It needs to be with me wherever I travel and is SO SO handy. Thanks to it’s attractive graphic design, I can easily spot this in my luggage. From medicines to toiletries and makeup, she keeps them all…safe and stylish.


4. All purpose Tray

What? This? How can a piece of a hexagon shaped tray be your favourite? But this is my Saviour. It is so versatile since it can be a nice tray to hold tea when guests come over, become my sunday breakfast holder and also to happily hold unnecessary items in my room. I mean, it has to make it to the list.


5. Breakfast trays

I unfortunately don’t have this but it has always been in my wishlist. Ah, how so royal! Just see for yourself

Pics from


This was the MOST difficult listing to do since I have so many more favorites. But this time I would like to hear it from you. Hop over to and send me your top 5 from the list. Let’s drool together.

Hope you liked the read.

Until then


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