Summer is here!

Yes, Summer is here! In Chennai! Yes! I am talking about the newbie in town – The Summer house Eatery. Located in the silent and lush green streets of Teynampet, the place itself is so quaint and serene enough to bring a book/laptop along with you, sip a Vietnamese Coffee and settle down until they shoo you away.

Mathangi, the mother of summer house eatery takes us around the spacious Cafe. A co working space on one side, a lush green backyard on the other, this place is already my favorite ! We were extremely attracted by the Greys and bronze interiors and chose to sit inside and begin our gastronomical experience.

We went during food trials before they opened doors to public. Hence were given a lot of dishes! I mean a LOT. Wait, I am not even complaining! I secretly wanted them to keep bringing out the most simplest kinds of Pasta cooked to perfection in an unique way. Since this blogpost might turn into a novel if I start to mention all the dishes we had, I am going to list my top five Must-order dishes when you visit this elegant Bistro.

1. Arancini Rice balls

A well plated dish of Deep Fried rice balls came out first and glad they did because it created an impression. A great one! I personally love Risotto so this was heavenly. If you are like me, just blindly go for this.

2. Avocado and Corn Crostini

Oh give me a bowl of sweet corn or give a plate of Nachos with a Guacamole dip and I will be your friend forever. When they combined both of them, I knew it was the end of me. Managed to not leave anything for my fellow blogger friends to munch, I quickly finished this crostini and it was YUM, I tell you.

3. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Why am I already imagining myself reading, ‘ The Subtle art of not giving a fuck’ sipping on the strong yet delicious iced Coffee from Vietnam in the backyard of Summer house? Why?

4. Salted Caramel Crepe with butter scotch Ice cream

Oh my! Two seconds! Just two seconds and five people and WHOOP! *vanishes* The Salted Caramel Crepe was so flavorful and the creamy butter scotch just did it for us!

5. Penne Aglio e olio

Hands down, the best Aglio e olio pasta that I had savored in recent times. They had added that extra pinch of Garlic and that created the magic I believe. I usually don’t prefer pastas without sauces but Summer house indeed changed my perspective. Kudos, you guys!

And that’s my top 5 from The Summer house Eatery. They are now open to public! Don’t forget to drop in, carry your book, immerse in their goodness and forget the world.

The Summer House Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Summer House Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hope you liked the read!

until then


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