The Tale of the twisty tails

Hi there hoomans! We are taking over Made in Chennai’s website for this article as it was necessary for us to speak to you guys rather than that girl who is busy carrying us and taking useless selfies. So let us introduce ourselves…We are from Cuba and these men call as havanese puppies? Ooookay then. Our house is in our mother’s cafe called as Twisty tails located in Nungambakkam where not only can you have yummy treats ; we mean yummy food but also bring your babies who look like us to enjoy their specially curated treats. The really sweet men built us an air conditioned room where you hoomans can come over and play with us all day and night. Woof. Just kidding! We sleep a lot after lunch. So don’t come then.

Ok fine…I don’t sleep a lot but Ms Cutie down her surely needs that beauty sleep. Hmph.


Two really enthusiastic girls came to visit us one fine day and they called themselves bloggers and photographers! We had a gala time posing in front of them but got tired after a while so they left. But our masters took them on a mini tour showing the beautifully reconstructed cafe.




For us the walls looked pretty much the same colour but these girls were gaging over how amazing the aqua marine and the ink blue interiors were. They were not quite hungry which made us sad since we wanted our guests to have all of our masters’ creations but from their faces we knew that they enjoyed what little they had.

We guess we will just pass on the pen to that weird selfie lady to talk about the food since we will be biased. Over and out!

Ah…these kids! Hi guys. Subhiksha here. Let’s just jump into the food, shall we?

I was never a fan of anything mushroom but the manager Mr Guru insisted that we have this smoked mushroom soup and oh my oh my! It was so delicious that I am actually looking forward to having this again during my next visit.

For starters, we had chilli corn pearls. I am just a sucker for corn and the pictures looked very tempting so we ordered it. Apart from it being extremely spicy, it was super crunchy and absolutely tasty.

We also had the Bharwan Malai Paneer Kali Mirch. Ah the paneer just melts and it was a burst of flavors in your mouth.

We were two girls who nicely had heavy breakfast so we were already full. We skipped main course and moved on to dessert. We saw the adjacent table and sheepishly copied their dessert. Opera, our way is a fine chocolate cake which again is gooey on the inside and overall just perfect.

We also had Zaffrani Thandai which got over in a swish so couldn’t get the time to click a picture of it. Overall, the whole experience was very very satisfactory. Innovative concept, breathtaking interiors, delicious food and an above average service.


Hope you enjoyed todays read! Let me (and the puppy) know via comments.

Until then


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