In the two years of my career as a blogger, I was fortunate enough to work with several brands that suited my personality and style but nothing can beat Tjori Treasures. When Tjori, a website which I keep browsing like I browse a regular instagram or Facebook approached me, I was shocked. Me? Yes! Me? Tjori is a multi designer online store or heaven which features a wide range of products like:

Contemporary kurtis: jewelry:

Ayurvedic & Organic Personal Care:




I really wanted to represent Tjori to you guys in just one attire and I chose a Saree.

Their signature Ajrakh printed cotton saree in a darker shade of Purple ( A lighter shade would have been the Pantone Color of 2018) screamed Tjori and I Immediately got it. I really wanted to keep the Saree as the protagonist of this look so toned down everything else. Makeup was very subtle, Hair was into a messy side braid, no earrings, a statement choker was more than enough to complete the look. See for yourselves.










You can directly buy the saree by clicking the link here : . However, I cannot limit Tjori to just one saree and print so check out a few options from their website ( Now you will know, how much i stalk the website)

Here you go! That’s Tjori for you! Also, you can use the code SV200 to get further discounts on your purchases.
Special thanks to the talented duo – Thalapathy from Point Black studios and Nandini from Miss Chuckle for their work on photography and makeup.
Hope you guys found this useful!
Until next time






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