Madras to Malabar

Kerala is known and loved for various things! Their impeccable taste in music, their impressive literacy rate, their breathtaking sceneries, their carefully choreographed movies and even the conservative yet beautiful clothing! Everything is adored. But the most loved bit of this state is their extremely delicious food! Oh yes! I am already drooling thinking about their elaneer Payasam as I type this and Hilton Chennai only added on to my craving by having their ‘ 7 Chefs, 7 Plates’ food festival.

Now, What’s that? Its a festival where seven master chefs from seven different Hilton Hotels in India come together to whip up specialities from their city on to our plate. Rajasthan, Mumbai, Pune, West Bengal are a few participating cities to name and we were the luckiest to visit during their Malabar fest in Ayna, Hilton.

We were already pumped up by the Calm and royal ambience that we decided to just dive straight into the food. We started with some papadam which went well with their assorted Chutneys. A regular mint chutney ( taste was not so regular ie ; So good), a pretty unique pineapple chutney and marinated Garlic cloves sat with us throughout our meal to help us balance out any lack/excess of flavour.

We skipped soup and was served a vegetarian starter platter. The Chef showed his magic in these dishes. It was not just authentic but also tasted really good. The right amount of sugar, spice and everything nice! Urulai Kizhangu roasted with peppers was definitely a show stopper. Since the whole menu is ala carte, you can order this as a vegetarian starter and you wouldn’t regret it. The Kappa vada is a deep fried Tappioca vada which was both sweet and salty. Loved it!

So, generally I have a habit of stuffing my face with starters that I don’t enjoy main course but here I saved my tummy for the main course and I couldn’t thank myself enough. Steamed red rice with a generous serving of Parupu Thalichathu ( Dal). To accompany that, we had beetroot Thoran and the famous Aviyal. Ah, this was so homely! I closed my eyes and was suddenly transported to Kerala. Just. MAGIC!

As we were hearty and so satisfied with our meal, the Chef said that he would bring out his signature desserts. From the below picture, you can see that I had transformed into a little kid enjoying her after school snack.

Their Calicut Halwa is a MUST ORDER since it not only tasted delicious but also transported me to the land of Sabari malai as it resembled their aravana Prasadham which my appa used to bring home every year. The Elaneer Payasam is making its second experience on this blog, so you know how much I enjoyed it. Overall, this meal was one of the most genuine and delicious ones that I’ve had in a long long time! Thanks, Hilton!

A few of you messaged me on Instagram for more details, so here you go :

1. What’s the cost for two?

– Since this is A la carte and not a buffet menu, the cost totally depends on how much you order. It would generally cost Rs 3000 for two if you guys eat well.

2. For how long is the Festival?

The Kerala festival is over as you read this but they have other cuisines up and running. Contact Ayna, Hilton and make a reservation.

3. Will this be available even after the festival?

I am not so sure but I heard that they are planning to relaunch their menu by June. We so need to make them bring the kerala food on to the new menu, shouldn’t we?

4. How do you reserve a table?

Call their restaurant via Zomato and reserve your table!

Hope I answered most of the queries which I had received. Did you like this post? Let me know via comments.

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