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Himalaya Personal Care is a brand that needs no introduction. A legacy which was built over a century is still the most famous household name due to their constant hard work and interesting innovation to bring something iconic to the market. This time, they brought out their new range of Anti hair fall products and I am in Love!

A few weeks back, I got a quick hair spa done by their professionals with their new ANTI HAIR FALL range in Naturals Salon, Nungambakkam. Just four products but they worked wonders on my hair. Wonders, I tell you! They also sent me those four products home and after using it for three weeks ( 10 times), I saw a big change in the texture of my hair. In this blogpost, I will mention the four steps to achieve a fabulous hair with Himalaya and my views on each product.

STEP 1 – Anti Hair Fall oil

Oiling is the most important step in any hair routine. People shun away from oiling their hair including me but as time passed by, I realised how oiling can change your hair completely. This oil has two major ingredients – Bhringraj and Amalaki which gives a good scent. They claim to prevent hair fall and strengthen the roots. After continuous usage, I could really feel my hair getting smoother.

How to use : Take a handful of their Anti hair fall oil and massage it from root to tip. Leave it on for an hour before moving on to Step 2. If you have a steamer at home ( I have a mini one for my face and I used it for my hair) , use for 10 mins. You can also soak a towel in hot water and wrap it on your head for 5-7 minutes. This will ensure that the products get fully absorbed to your scalp& hair.

STEP 2 : Himalaya Anti- Hair fall Shampoo

My hair was subjected to continuous change in water this month. I am sure you all knew from my instagram that this month alone, I was traveling to Bangalore, back to Chennai, to Dubai, then Turkey, back to Dubai…aaaah! I was in constant fear that my hair was going to get damaged and fall out but this shampoo literally helped me out. THANK YOU! It didn’t promote hair growth as it claims ( maybe 3 weeks is too early for me to judge that part) but it definitely reduced hair fall.

How to use : just like any other regular shampoo, wet your hair and apply the shampoo generously from scalp to tip. I would usually scrub my scalp vigorously until it lathers. If you want the oil to completely go, shampoo twice and wash.

STEP 3 : Himalaya Anti-Hair fall conditioner

A lot of my readers and friends constantly message me asking for ‘tips on how to make your hair soft, smooth and shiny’ . My only answer is – CONDITION! You guys won’t believe but I recently read on internet that almost 50% of the crowd buy only shampoo and not conditioner. Umm. WHAT!? When I told this to amma, she said, ‘ yeah, even I wouldn’t have bought an extra product if you didn’t force me to’. This is NOT good guys! Please please use a conditioner after shampooing for the best result possible. Himalaya ‘s Anti hair fall conditioner contains Butea and chickpea which nourishes your hair completely. My hair spontaneously became smooth & tangle free after I used it.

How to use : Take a good amount of conditioner and apply it ONLY ON YOUR HAIR & NOT SCALP. Massage it from up to down and detangle your hair with your hands. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse.

STEP 4 : Himalaya Anti Hair fall Cream

According to me, The USP of this range is in this cream. My absolute favorite step of the whole regime. A good leave in cream is what I look forward to. This cream ensures that the smoothness & shine is intact and doesn’t disappear quickly ( Thanks to the Chennai pollution). It also mildly reduces frizzy hair.

How to use : Take a teeny tiny amount on your hand and apply it on your wet/ semi dry hair ( not scalp). Detangle your hair using your hand and spread the cream as much as possible. Voila!

So here you go! Those were the four steps to fabulous hair by Himalaya Personal Care. #4fabuloushair

Ps : All the products are available in Supermarkets, Drug stores and also online.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Until next time


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