Holiday-ed differently

How many of us get a chance to just leave your boring work in the middle of the week and run off to paradise for three days? I did and it was the best thing that had happened to me last month. Sterling Holidays, a humongous holiday company in India invited a couple of bloggers from all over India for a bloggers meet and I was grateful to have been a part of it. Out of the 29 resorts they have in almost 25-26 destinations, we were taken to the coolest place ever – Ooty ( ha quite literally).

I love Chennai. I love everything about it…except the fact that it gets damn hot and humid in the month of May-July. Ooty is a brilliant choice for a quick detox weekend for your body and soul. So when Sterling holidays said,’ We invite you to visit our Oot….’ ‘YES YES YES! ‘ , I screamed with joy.

DAY 1 :

After a long bus journey, we reached their Fern hill property. We had a quick 1 hour rest before we hit the conference hall. The marketing head and other officials explained their motto, showed us around the magnificent property and mentioned the days plan. A fun interactive and informative session, that was.

Now comes the fun part…exploring the fern hill property and of course, the beautiful Ooty. We were taken to the Toda village where we got to see their temples, homes and even interacted with the people. Then, we went to the Tea factory which was heavenly ( I am drooling as I think of that cardamom tea). While we returned, we were welcomed with a nice hi tea set up and finished our day with Tribal dance, camp fire and scrumptious dinner.

DAY 2 :

Day 2 was the best! We woke up with a surreal view from our room. The breakfast buffet at the hotel was one of the BEST breakfast I’ve had in a while ( kudos to their F&B team). They impressed us very well.

We then moved to their Elk Hill property which was equally stunning. Their rooms were huge and scenic, the hospitality was very nice and of course, I am a huge fan of their food.

If you wondered why I am dressed like a train, it was because that they had mentioned in their itenary that they would take us to coonor in Ooty toy train and I was ECSTATIC!!! Childhood memories of Shah rukh dancing for Chayya chayya flashed in my head and I needed a photo with the train and I got it! See it for yourselves

We then went to a hill and had lunch in the middle of the clouds. With the music, dancing, gossiping and loads and loads of food. It was a fun lunch. Thanks Sterling for that experience. It was definitely a ‘ Holiday differently’ moment for us. ( you can contact Sterling and avail this service with an additional cost). We then came back to our room to a surprise gift from Sterling and we couldn’t help but smile.

DAY 3 – Bye bye Ooty

With a lovely experience with Sterling, we pack our bags and get ready to leave ooty behind but take a lot of beautiful memories with us. It would not have been possible without Sterling Holidays. Thank you for organizing this so well.

And you guys, Sterling ( Fern hill & Elk hill) properties are affordable, scenic and overall a brilliant package! FERN HILL – Click here and ELK HILL- CLICK HERE I strongly recommend you to try them out for your next trip.

If you have any doubts/clarifications, please comment below and I’ll answer them.

Hope you enjoyed the post

Until next time


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