All about the Magic Pattu

Kumaran has been a household name since my Paati’s association with it for many many years. Yes! My grandmother worked in/for Kumaran two decades ago and boasts of all the new clothes and saris that my mother (as a kid) and granny would wear from Kumaran for all the festivals possible. It was so refreshing for me to read an email from Sri Kumaran stores themselves to collaborate with them and write about their latest revolutionary product – The Magic Pattu. Life is indeed a circle, isn’t?



Magic Pattu Saree is a new milestone in the history of Kanchipuram Pattu Weaving. When I visited the 5 Maadi Sri Kumaran in T Nagar, I witnessed it myself. I spoke to the friendly staff and they were generous enough to give us information about the Iconic Magic Pattu sarees. It is indeed a huge accomplishment for our traditional weavers as they have brought together the quintessential pattu along with trendy print on the pallu which is detailed and intricate making it sheer magic.


My friend (who is a blogger too) and I visited the store together to check out their gorgeous collection and fell in love. As you can see, they managed to weave in this cute Panda on to their sarees and it is visible only from a certain angle ( Hence, the Magic Pattu tag).



You can check out a fun video that my team and I created to see the whole experience and also the different varieties of Magic Pattu ( Click here ) . You can get a feel of the range via the video but if you ask my favourite piece of art from their magic Pattu range….umm difficult but it has to be this ( See below). The Colour is so unique but the whole saree gives a royal yet quirky feel.



Hope you found this post informative. You can scroll through this range and much more at Sri Kumaran Stores, T Nagar. Thanks for reading, you guys.

Until next time


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