A girl’s best friend – Wacoal

Lingerie! Bra! Underwear! These are few words that people still feel shy to publicly talk about. Shy? But Why? ( Ha. The Rhyming wasn’t intentional, I swear). A brassiere is THE most crucial piece of Garment that covers a girl’s body and I learnt that, thanks to Wacoal. The right Fit and the perfect Size can benefit your body in so many ways. From not only shaping your body right but a bra can also drastically improve your health.

Wacoal, a Japanese brand which is more than 60 years old in this industry is known for it’s impeccable FIT! Recently, They had organized an interactive session called as the Bra Fit event where Ms. Yashwanti, Wacoal’s Fit expert advised me and a couple of my lovely followers with finding the right size & Fit by personally measuring us. She also addressed most Common misconceptions, answered a lot of FAQ! I had a chance to have a personal Interview session with her and asked her a lot of questions that I had in mind. See below a sneak peek of the Q&A


 Q&A :

S : So..Yashwanti, What are the things to keep in mind while purchasing a bra?

Y : Style & Size! Style makes a lot of difference based on a particular body structure. More than going for fancy fabrics, textures and colours, one should go for the style of bra that gives them the most comfort. Go for something functional.

S : What kind of Lingerie should Bustier woman wear?

Y : Again, something that is functional. Something that gives a good lift and good support and something that has a WIRE. It is a matter of Health. We shouldn’t comprise on Health.

S : You just talked about Health. Many people say, ‘ If you don’t wear a right bra, you can get Cancer’. How true is it?

Y : I would say Cancer is NOT the thing that you can get when you wear a wrong bra. I don’t believe in that. But yes, shoulder pain, Headache and Back pain are major things that you get when you wear a wrong bra.

S : Most of us don’t wear bras while sleeping. Is that ok?

Y : What? No No! You must wear a sleeping bra which is very different from the regular bras. Wacoal has it and it’s amazing.

S : Ok! That’s news. Another question that many keep asking is, ‘ How often should you change your bras?’

Y : Once in 6 months

S : Ok, now time to be Selfish. I wanted your opinion on my size! My band size is very small but Cup size is extremely large. I usually shop for them from Dubai. So do you have anything here for my size? How do Petite Women with a bustier frame wear Strapless innerwear?

Y : Now you don’t have to shop from Dubai. Wacoal has a solution right here. *Laughs* But jokes apart, We at Wacoal will measure the clients completely and provide customers the perfect size& Band. We have a plethora of sizes & cups. So shall we go with your personal fitting?

S : Sure! Let’s do this!


 So that was the 1/2 hour session in less than a minute for you all. Hope you found this post useful. Thanks Wacoal for giving me an opportunity to write about this important topic. I have shopped inner wear only abroad because my size is a little tricky and most of the brands here didn’t have it but now I don’t have to fret anymore. WACOAL IT IS!

Thanks for reading! Until next time

– S

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