A weekend at Pondicherry ft The Promenade

When I think of summer here in Chennai, I can think of the long queue in front of the popsicle kart near Elliots beach, Food trucks in Mylapore where I can have an array of cold drinks, crazy shopping festivals but most importantly, Summers in Chennai definitely includes weekend getaways to Pondicherry, staying near the beach and enjoying that evening walk. That’s when Promenade came into picture. I was given an opportunity to visit The Promenade by Hidesign for the weekend and that experience surely energized me for the rest of the month.

We reached Pondicherry by 12-12.30 pm and were taken straight to the hotel. The gracious staff welcomed us with a smile & helped us to our room. With a cute postcard, a refreshing drink and yummy chocolates, our bed side table welcomed us into the beautiful Sea facing room.

After a small nap, we went down to BLUELINE, their in-house restaurant. An extensive & DELICIOUS menu was waiting for us and we went all for it. See for yourselves.

They gave us the liberty to roam around the property/city. We basically took our hats& sunglasses and explored the property and area around it. A calm, serene property with the best food is what I would say about Promenade in a sentence. We were specifically allured to the poolside & backyard that we spent most of our evenings there. We also managed to go for a special Spa session which got us all ready for the long, crazy night.

What’s next? PARTAAAAAAY! Story Tellers Bar, the most happening bar in Pondicherry had their bollywood night and we were a part of it. From scrumptious finger food to great desi music, we had an amazing friday night!

Don’t blame me if you don’t see a breakfast post. Story tellers bar’s friday night was so good that we woke up late enough to have lunch directly. The lunch wasn’t at the property. We took a jolly rickshaw ride to Le Dupleix where they also had a small preview of Hidesign’s Roaring 20’s collection. We ate our hearts out and was so excited to shoot with the stunning bags.

Ah, then came the last dinner at Bay of Buddha at the property. We had already started socializing with the other bloggers that we didn’t want this to be the last dinner of the trip. Two days went off so quickly and I only want to thank Hidesign & The Promenade for making this happen. Can’t wait to go back super soon to Pondicherry and experience the unexperienced.

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